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fbi atrocities for global police state

See my ongoing reports for over a decade of fbi's efforts to neutralize me.


fbi atrocities in support of global police state

See my ongoing reports for over a decade of fbi's efforts to neutralize me.


The fbi sociopaths increased the DEW (sleep deprivation) against me last night as an apparent result of this report; then on the night of the 28th, the sleep deprivation was again increased to a level of about 8 (on a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most painful and dramatically symptomatic as described at):

About a month ago the fbi hit me with a level 10 DEW assault to demonstrate their power over me. That assault bordered on complete entrainment of the brain and to a degree had a paralyzing effect on me; so that I was incapacitated for a time and the inability to function continued for a day or so and was followed by continuing disparate effects therefrom. These effects were scary because I may have temporarily lost some cognitive awareness. If an individual is pushed to the limit and then seeks a final respite from the assaults on the brain, then the fbi and their operatives who employ the DEW assaults are guilty of premeditated murder and they should be identified and prosecuted, along with others who force suicide by other means. See:

 The Congress of the USA is aware of these DEW assaults on people and do nothing; therefore each member of Congress (and the courts) who remain silent on the issue and who do not raise an objection is also guilty of misprision of multiple felonies the exact names of which are yet to be determined; in the very least the coverup of a forced suicide of the type described herein is a criminal homicide committed by any party involved.

                                        Here is the report:

Right to life advocates often usurp the right of a woman's choice knowing full well (according to demographic projections and actual statistical data) that the babies are predestined in many instances for lives of pain, misery, and bad death where the following events are awaiting them: must 1) live in poverty and deprivation 2) *go to war and suffer injuries 3) be tortured, imprisoned or murdered; all such calamities are prepared for them by the very same high culture and government bureaucrats who pretend to reaffirm the right of every human being to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness; that the few who temporarily escape this awful fate must thereafter serve the **killing and torturing machine as snipers, swat members, black operatives, police, military robots,prison guards or civilian homicidal agents assigned to kill or neutralize their fellow citizens; all of such activities paradoxically derive from the current slogan of