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Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact would allow national laws to be overruled by corporations

Shrouded in secrecy, the Trans-Pacific Partnership is attempt by world capital (but most forcefully by U.S.-based capital) to impose extraordinarily one-sided rules that would go beyond their current model, the infamous North American Free Trade Agreement, in several ways. The TPP is intended to be a new floor in the ongoing effort to lock in the domination of industrialists and financiers through the multi-national corporations that they control. That we know anything at all about it is due to leaks.

Many of the harshest rules proposed to be included in the TPP are being pushed by the U.S. government. Among the measures being negotiated are new monopoly rights for pharmaceutical companies and the ability for them to overturn the policies of countries such as New Zealand that result in relatively low prices for medicines, policies that U.S.-based pharmaceutical companies wish to overturn.