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Poem for Peace

Poem for Peace

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Protest Over Court Trial For Nz Activist

Wellington, June 29 NZPA - A small but vocal protest was held outside the Australian High Commission in Wellington this afternoon to show solidarity with a New Zealander facing trial in Australia over her role at G20 protests in Melbourne in 2006.

Sina Brown-Davis's trial starts today. She is charged with affray, rioting, possessing a prohibited weapon and intentionally damaging a police van.

Thousands of people were involved in the largely peaceful protest in 2006, but small groups of demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at police and smashed a police riot truck's windows.

Today 14 members of Wellington Anarchist Black Cross gathered outside the high commission gates.

British man tasered repeatedly by police

The UK police watchdog has said it would launch a full independent investigation into the arrest of a man who was stunned a number of times by officers using a taser gun.

The incident occurred in the early hours of Monday when police were called to deal with a man who had been thrown out of a nightclub in Nottingham city centre, the Independent Police Complaints Commission said.


Dow Dioxin in NP can be ignored for only so long.

"Parents and grandparents carry this burden of guilt for exposing their children to this poison, even though they didn't know."

how bad does it have to be, before even a kiwi cares?

MUST READ - US murder-military stories

War without Declaration -- Assassination Teams -- Hidden Wars -- crimes in the name of US citizens. Mass murder contracted by people of USA (and the world) - USA needs 2 bio $ a day from foreigners, WE ALL pay, we all order this murder. Don't tell me we are coerced, because NOW YOU KNOW.

Read this HUGELY important article!

pass it on.. please!