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Zimbabwe: Open letter to Giswai and the IMT URGENT

It has come to our attention that you have laid a criminal charge against 3 fellow ISO-Zimbabwe members for allegedly forcible entry into the ISOZ office and for theft of ISOZ equipment. We call on you to immediately withdraw such charges as clearly the dispute is within the ranks of the proletariat and thus deserves proletarian methods to resolve it and not the bourgeois courts.We urge the entire IS tendency to intervene to prevent activists from being subjected to the notorious jails of the Zanu-PF-MDC regime. The criminal case comes up before the bourgeois courts on Monday 2 Nov 2009 so your intervention is urgently required.

End Rape Culture Now!

End Rape Culture Now! Collective is protesting ACC cuts to sexual abuse counseling. You Tube videos of actions in Auckland etc.

ae911truth is doing a presentation in Wellington

City: Wellington, NZ
Date: Sat, Nov 21, 2009
Time: 2.00 pm
Topic: 9/11: Blueprint for Truth - The Architecture of Destruction.
Speakers: Richard Gage, AIA
Venue: Te Papa Tongarewa, Museum of Wellington, Cable Street, Wellington

Please email us if you want to pre-register for this event:

Ampilatwatja protest


Three months ago more than a hundred people walked out of a small Aboriginal community and refused to go back until the Australian federal government responded to their complaints about the lack of consultation and restrictions placed on them under the Northern Territory Emergency Response. Richard Downs, a spokesman for the Ampilatwatja community, explains their cause in a conversation with Phillip Adams on Radio National of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

Putting on a show of resistance

A confiscated police flag and a self-portrait by Maori activist Tame Iti are among more than 50 artworks being auctioned to mark two years since the "terror raids".

Iti will officially open the Explosive Expression exhibition tonight at Thistle Hall Gallery in Wellington, with the final auction on Saturday.

He is one of 17 people facing charges after the 2007 police raids, which resulted in the arrests of 18 people in Bay of Plenty, including at alleged military-style training camps in the Ureweras, under the Terrorism Suppression Act.

The “Second American Revolution” Has Begun

Trend Forecast: Before the momentum of the “Second American Revolution” becomes unstoppable, it could be derailed through some false flag event designed to deceive the public, or a genuine event or crisis capable of rallying the entire nation behind the President.   In a worst-case scenario, according to Trends Research Institute Director, Gerald Celente, “Given the pattern of governments to parlay egregious failures into mega-failures, the classic trend they follow, when all else fails, is to take their nation to war."


A false flag attempt, a genuine crisis, or a declaration of war, may slow the momentum of the “Second American Revolution,” but nothing will stop it.

Paris riots after youth's death

About 40 rioters in a Paris suburb hurled Molotov cocktails at police and firefighters, torched cars and one person fired a handgun, during a rampage prompted by the death of a teen pizza deliverer fleeing police.

Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux called for calm after the overnight violence early on Monday, signalling fears that unrest by angry suburban youth could spread from Bagnolet, on Paris' eastern edge. Hortefeux announced plans for an internal police investigation with results to be made public.

Police reinforced their presence in Bagnolet, and about 40 van-loads of riot police were seen outside the housing project where the rioting occurred. No one was injured, authorities said.

Some witnesses claimed a police car hit the 18-year-old's motorcycle after he tried to flee a document check outside the project. "I saw it with my own eyes .... He didn't stop (and) they hit him," Alexandre Matthias told iTele TV station.

Black Panther gives public lectures, shows artwork in New Zealand

The former Minister of Culture for the Black Panther Party will deliver a public lecture and mount a solo exhibition when he visits New Zealand as the Elam International Artist in Residence at The University of Auckland.

Emory Douglas created the striking graphic images that came to represent the Black Panther Party in the 1960s, '70s and early '80s. The group was founded in 1966 in Oakland, California, and was one of the first organisations in US history to militantly struggle for ethnic minority and working class emancipation.


Thanks in large part to Emory Douglas’ powerful visuals the Black Panther Party delivered a forceful message to a community ravaged by poverty, police brutality, and poor living conditions. The organisation was discontinued in the early 1980s.


Key indicates SAS will return to Afghanistan

Prime Minister John Key has given the strongest indication yet that New Zealand's elite SAS troops will be sent to Afghanistan despite Government misgivings about the increasing numbers of American and European casualties from the escalating war against the Taleban.