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Protesters make a stink on toilet seat

A hot Hamilton day, a couple of beers and an urge to go for a swim.

It was that mix that got friends Abigail Roberts, Ben Galloway, Marama Mayrick, Jay Beaudry, Rob Scovell and Saffron Smith thinking about the dirty state of the Waikato River.

So, the River City Rebels were born and their first shot was at Fonterra, over farming pollution, on Saturday when they nailed a toilet seat to a raft, dressed Mr Scovell as a Fonterra executive and sat him – pants down – on the toilet and floated him down the river from Wellington St beach to the Fairfield Bridge.

"We're just a group of people who hang out together and we were having a beer at my place and somebody said let's go buy a paddling pool, then the question was `why don't we just go in the river?' Everyone went `Eww, no' and that's just wrong," Ms Smith said.

SIS and Police have National Surveillance center


Only one week left for submissions to Welfare Working Group

Green Party Blog on how to present submissions on Paula Rebstock's rabid attack on the Welfare State. Submissions are due to close on Xmas Eve (24 December 2010).

Iwi claimants camp at land over sale bid

Just days after one Far North occupation ended, Ngai Takoto claimants have "repossessed" land at Kaimaumau, north of Kaitaia.

About 50 members of the iwi erected a marquee on Wednesday on land known as Mekerene, where they are holding daily hui and wananga. They have set up a wharekai and will add more tents and whare for people to stay in for the duration of the repossession.

ACT Party hardline councillor admits bomb prank

Christchurch has it's own David Garrett as councillor Aaron Keown is found to have his own criminal past

Dioxin Poisoning is Killing us!

Poisoning on a Northland Lifestyle block!

Cow the abandoned moter

Christian Socialist Democrat International Humanitarian

Moderate Modern Socialism calling for evolution,socialism Based on Christian Values and Democracy

Rocklands sold to Salomon Building Ltd: Conspiracy theory

Historic Auckland mansion sold cheap

Rocklands, a 144-year-old 169-room 8,800 square metre mansion in Epsom, has been sold to a company called Salomon Building Ltd, which is not listed in the Companies Office registry.

Ok, here's the theory:

The collapse of WTC7 is seen by many as the smoking gun in the conspiracy that is 9/11.

WTC7 was also known as the Saloman Building.

Research into the ownership, insurance, tenancies, and the decision making processes around the demolition of WTC7, are left to the reader.

The complete paranoid in me expects Rocklands to be the venue of NZ's largest terrorist event which will be followed by a truly massive insurance payout to the new owners.

Above the Law: Russia Uses Microsoft to Suppress Dissent

"Across Russia, the security services have carried out dozens of similar raids against outspoken advocacy groups or opposition newspapers in recent years. Security officials say the inquiries reflect their concern about software piracy, which is rampant in Russia. Yet they rarely if ever carry out raids against advocacy groups or news organizations that back the government.

Neither Microsoft's Moscow office nor its local lawyer contacted Baikal Wave to hear its side. The lawyer did provide testimony to the police about the value of the software that Baikal Wave was accused of illegally obtaining.