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excellent new Anti NZ Mining (and anti-john key) song...

John Key is an ex-investment banker with fingers in money pies which we know nothing about. He is borrowing billions of dollars and sinking the country into a debt which will be imposible to climb out of. His escape from debt speech will be one in which he says 'we are sitting on billions of dollars worth of oil and minerals, and this is our only way out...' and behind the scenes he will have shares in the related industries which will take on the job of stripping NZ and leaving it a dirty husk.

John Key must not hold our future in his greedy hands.

Foreign Fishing Crews Exploited in New Zealand Waters

Foreign fishing crews in NZ waters have been paid slave wages and were beaten if they spoke out. Newly released documents show the government has been aware of the situation

TARIQ ALI 17March Speech mp3 audio recording (download link)

speech on the current events in the Middle East, with historical background,
held in Auckland, New Zealand 17 March 2011
Original lecture title: Islam and its discontents (Sir Douglas Robb Lectures)


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ANG Statement of Support For Maori-Led Takutaimoana Hikoi To Parliament In Opposition To the Marine and Coastal Area Bill

ANG Statement of Support For Maori-Led Takutaimoana Hikoi To Parliament In Opposition To the Marine and Coastal Area Bill


Small groups, comic military marching precision, Monty Python, commence!

Into WINZ.  Into banks.  And out again.  Constant comic harrassment.  On ongoing once a month or weekly affair.  Not enough to bother the police  but enough to make a point. Give out flyers.  Recruit more members.  Party after each outing.  Prizes for best costume (Spartacus, Salvadore Allende ... ).

OK then? Lets do it.

The Truth "They" Don't Want You To Know About

After reviewing many of the posts in IMC it is obvious and encouraging to me that we do have some awake kiwis. It would appear at this point we are still a minority. The above radio show is run by Kevin who has broken away from a global elite group to bring you the truth. Discussions include politics, neurological damage due to drugs, big pharma, food industry, terrorism etc etc. You can listen live or listen to archived calls. I am also a member of an amazing group at where more of the truth "They" don't want you to know about is exposed.

Enjoy KT's show

Mark Kennedy: Britain's Rob Gilchrist.

Scumbag undercover cop spent seven years pretending to be an activist in dozens of different protest groups in London. Kennedy become friends with a number of activists and even had sexual relationships with two of them.

Frigate request welcomed

The meat and shipping industries are welcoming news that the Government is considering being part of an international task force to tackle piracy off the coast of Africa.

The Minister of Defence has confirmed an approach has been made by the United Nations for a New Zealand frigate to take part in piracy patrols off Somalia and Yemen.

The Meat Industry Association says almost 100% of this country's meat exports are transported by sea, so security is crucial.

The association and the New Zealand Shippers Council say it's good the Government is considering deploying a frigate.

Council chairman Greg Steed says deployment of a frigate could protect exports.

Defence Minister Wayne Mapp says a number of factors, including cost, still need to be considered. A decision is expected in six weeks.

McDonald's defends gay filters on Wi-Fi

McDonald’s has been labelled homophobic, for blocking gay websites from its new free Wi-Fi service.

Members of noticed they were being denied access to the gay news site a few days ago, and have since found others – like Family Planning – are also being filtered out.

McDonald’s says it’s just trying to ensure its restaurants remain family friendly, but in other parts of the world they’re using gay themes themselves in advertising.

Matt McCarten: Real threat is not these guys

Most of us have probably forgotten the action taken against the Tuhoe people four years ago - dawn raids on so-called terrorists.

This week it's been revealed that defendants in the case won't be allowed trial by a jury of their fellow citizens. They will face a lone judge.

The reasons for this decision are suppressed, but it is puzzling.

On what is known publicly, this case has been quite simple since the nonsensical terrorism charges were thrown out by the Solicitor-General.

Of the charges left, most are firearms ones, which I would have thought was fairly clear one way or the other.

Why can't a jury decide them?