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The Urewera Trial - Participation in an Organised Criminal Group

This is an article explaining what Participation in an Organised Criminal Group is (Section 98A). This charge is the most serious that the four are facing. This article explains how all the evidence against the other 17 can still be used to prosecute the four.

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25,000 years of expert experience carnt be wrong about the the false official story of 9/11 how does this implicate our new zealand leadership in passing unnessary terrorist laws and similar blueprints for a new world order such as the food bill?

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Characteristics of Shareholders Agreements

In everyday life you have quite often came across the terms like shareholders agreements, the term seems very simple but it has many angles. A shareholder agreement is usually defined as an agreement in which the right of the shareholders against the company is defined and how they will go to operate the company is also narrated. Shareholder agreements are much diversified they even highlight the rights of the shareholder in context of the other stakeholders like employees, vendors, government and the other shareholders like them. The scenarios under which the shareholder agreements are made are quite diversified.
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Solid Energy website hacked

25 Nov 01.10 NZST -  Hacktivists deface Solid Energy NZ website to raise awareness about lignite coal mining.

Frame-up of Cuban Five has ‘resonance’ in New Zealand

A meeting in Auckland in solidarity with the Cuban Five discussed similarities between their case and that of NZ's 'Urewera Four'.

When will we ever grow up as a country ?

So racism is well alive in Otautahi. Please dont use this bar and if u can make your views known to the owners


A Christchurch bar has come under fire for allegedly ejecting a customer because of his moko.

But Parklands Tavern and Woodpecker Restaurant, which reopened last Wednesday following a major refurbishment, says the incident was in no way a matter of race.

On Saturday, Tunahau Kohu went to the Inwoods Rd bar with his partner.

He said he was approached by a member of staff as he sat down to watch Australia play Russia in a Rugby World Cup match at 3.30pm, and was told to leave because the business did not allow people with facial and neck tattoos on site."

Drug "laws" not laws at all

We are under a “government of laws”, not a “government of men”. But if someone can plant drugs among your belongings, and if you are then required to prove that the drugs are not yours (which you can't), then you are under a government of men, namely of those who are willing to plant evidence. Therefore the reverse onus of proof cannot be valid in any jurisdiction.

The Palmer Report

Democracy Now!'s Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzales discuss the Palmer report with Huwaida Arraf, one of the flotilla organisers, and "self-hating jew" Professor Norman Finklestein.

Audio, video and transcript at above link or video from youtube: part 1; part 2

2 September 2011

Nicky Hager to be interviewed on Media7 tonite

Big Nicky Hager + Bruce Fergusson interview on TV7 at 9pm

Rumoured to contain 'startling' revelations.