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WAR INDUSTRY: State-sponsored Weapons Conference Disrupted at Te Papa


Peace Action Wellington hung massive banners at Te Papa today condemning the Government supported Defence Industry Association annual conference being held there. Activists disrupted the Defence Industry Association Conference with noisemakers and chanted, Arms Trade! Death Trade! to the conference participants.

Photos [1]
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GLOBAL :: OZONE DEPLETION: Southern Ozone Hole Resurgent


After two years of a reduced ozone hole over the Antarctic largely due
to statospheric turbulence, the href="">Ozone Hole is
resurgent this year almost matching its record size in 2000.
Southern Hemisphere peoples, particularly href="">children,
have been href="">warned<
/a> to take care outside with increased exposure to ultraviolet (UV)
radiation. href="">Changes in UV
radiation can be expected from a smaller ozone hole which forms
above the arctic
. There are important href="">connections
between ozone depletion and href="
09.html#9656">climate change.

Ozone href="">
destruction by manufactured chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and bromine-
containing halons has been studied since the early 1980s, which led to
the Montreal
in 1987 - which started phasing out use of chemicals which
destroy the ozone layer. Recent evidence indicates that ozone depletion
may be href="">slowing
, which is attributed to the success of the Montreal Treaty. This
treaty is currently href="">under attack by US
President Bush demanding exemptions for the USA to maintain use of the
ozone destroying pesticide, href="">methyl

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GRASSROOTS ACTIONS: Action at the Labour Party Conference


Anti Labour Party Chalking

This HREF="">Annual
Labour Party Conference will be starting this weekend in Christchurch
and be the focus of HREF="">massive

A broad range of groups and political parties will be there to voice their
opposition and condemnation of Labour's policies and actions. Issues

* NZ troops are aiding the occupation of Iraq & Afghanistan.

* Genetically engineered organisms will be released, denying democracy.

* NZ hosts spy & Air Force bases used by the US.

* Under-funded hospitals are cutting back.

* "Jobs jolt" bashes beneficiaries.

* Student debt is still growing.

* Tariff cuts sacrifice jobs for free trade.

* The rich are getting richer, and the poor are getting poorer.

* Transnational corporate colonisation continues.

A spokesperson for GE-Free Canterbury has issued a HREF="">statement
which says that "The Labour Party have ignored the people of New
Zealand by lifting the moratorium on GE, but they still have the power to
reinstate the moratorium and work towards the best interests of New

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ANARCHIST INFOSHOP: Black Star Books :: Anarchist Infoshop


Black Star Books :: Anarchist Infoshop

After several years (at least!) of people wanting an
infoshop/anarchist resource centre in Dunedin :

CIVIL LIBERTIES UNDER THREAT: Peace Activist's Email To U.S. Embassy


"Bruce Hubbard has been granted bail for his shocking, criminal misuse of a telephone to send emails protesting against injustice - or at least, that's how it appears from the information released so far. He's not allowed to go within a 250 metre radius of the US consulate or, ahem, "email the embassy"

By href=>Scoop Co-Editor,
Selwyn Manning.

A man active among New Zealand peace groups has
been arrested over an email he sent to the U.S.
Embassy in Wellington. Are the Police exercising
powers drawn from the new href=>Counter

Terrorism Act, to bring pressure against a well
organized peace protest movement?

It is a curious series of events that led to the
arrest of Bruce Hubbard last night.
Police had been seeking contact from Bruce Hubbard for
over a week, wanting to talk to
him over and email that he issued to the United States
Embassy in Wellington.

Hubbard says he sent the email approximately six
months ago, and well before
counter-terrorism legislation passed before Parliament
on October 22, but is suspicious
of why Police left it this long before acting.

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GENETIC ENGINEERING: The People's Moratorium


"Today (Wednesday) at 1:15 GE-Campaigners and other concerned citizens turned their backs on Parliament, and walked away to declare the People's Moratorium."

The marchers included those who had camped for four nights outside the Beehive despite police and council harrassment to show their commitment to a GE-Free future.

Represents of GE Free NZ, MAdGE, Greenpeace, Take 5, and concerned citizens delivered a message to parliament stating that although the moratorium is lifted today, it is a hollow victory. The Peoples Moratorium encourages the public to act by working to get their regions declared GE free zones and by declaring their own properties as such, by demanding that food companies continue to remove GE ingredients from their products and by formally and creatively challenging any applications to grow GE crops in New Zealand.

The public have lost confidence in ERMA and that's why a " People's Moratorium" is needed to assist the authorities in protecting the national interest and in the interests of democracy.

The level of opposition against the introduction of GMOs expands to include New Zealand's top winemakers and restaurateurs, who endorse "purefoodsnz", the campaign against the lifting of the NZ moratorium against genetically engineered crops.

"We represent the views of over 70% of New Zealanders. And I think that if the law doesn't adhere to what the people want then the people have to do something about it."

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NEO-LIBERAL: Don Brash ousts Bill English as leader of the National Party


Don Brash and foodbanks

After being a Member of Parliament for less than one term, href="">Dr Don
Brash has been elected leader of the href="">National Party at a special caucus
meeting on Tuesday morning. It follows months of bad polling and speculation
over party leadership. Nick Smith has been elected Deputy Leader.

Brash has worked as an economist at the World Bank, and is the former
Governor of the Reserve Bank. Until now his role in the National party
has been as Finance Spokesperson, where he has revealed he wants the href="">dole abolished, adding "I
don't believe that that could be done in isolation, but it might well be
done in conjunction with other measures, such as having local
governments become employers of last resort - offering a job to anybody
who turned up at, say, the local post office at 8 a.m., with payment for
that day's work at the end of the day, in cash."

This advocation of href="">"depression-era
servitude" goes even further than other National Party statements
that call for a return of work-for-the-dole, and introdution of welfare
time limits, and the compulsory immunisation of children whose parents
are on welfare. Brash also wants more money given to the military.

"Dr Brash is right about one thing: there are 300,000 people out of
work - but any connection between his world and reality stops right
there."- Green MP Sue Bradford

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RESISTANCE: GE-Free Camp in Wellington


Despite the city council, the rain, police, and government the mood is
celebratory as the sun sets on the GE-Free campaigners at Parliament.

Food is still flooding in from around the city and over 20 people remain
on the occupation with many more supporters coming and going.

The campers are looking forward to and discussing the opportunities
on Wednesday to show the government that they are prepared to enforce the
moratorium themselves. The 'People's Moratorium' starts Wednesday.

  • Tuesday morning: forty police entered the GE-Free camp at Parliament and arrested three people for being in tent, one person for chalking and one person for obstruction. Police have torn down the tents.

    The protestors are singing and the morale remains high. Plans are being made to take food and supporters down to the Victoria Street police station.

  • Protestors have been approached by the police and paddy wagons have been seen approaching the area. Negotiations are continuing.
  • A contingent of police are moving to Parliament grounds, negotiations are
    continuing. If you have time to get down there, get down there now!!
  • There are now a growing number of people occupying Parliament grounds,
    people have been told that at sundown the protest will be served trespass
    notices and then arrested.
  • By 9:00PM Monday the amount of tents had doubled and 100 people were
    occupying Parliament grounds.

Since Saturday afternoon, people have been HREF="">camping
outside Parliament to plan strategies for the future.

On Sunday afternoon the GE-Free camp were asked to leave by 10am by the
Wellington City Council under threat of trespass and arrest. The camp
decided to move to Parliament to make a strong stand there and discuss
strategies for when the state moratorium lapses.

An HREF="">open
letter to Kerry Prendergast (WCC Mayor) and Gary Poole (CEO of the
WCC) stated that the ".WCC head of security indicated that there had been
NO public complaints. He further indicated that this decision had been
made by both of (them)."

"Parliament has also denied us the right to peacefully express the
people's view. Both of these institutions are accountable to the wider
public, and clearly they're not listening." said spokesperson George

The GE-Free Camp moved in style up to Parliament steps and set up a space
for democratic discussion of the next moves for the GE-Free movement.

"When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty. If
we had democracy today we wouldn't be camped at parliament. We have been
ignored and pushed around for too long. Enough is enough."

Photos [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6].

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CIVIL LIBERTIES: New 'Counter Terrorism' Laws counter freedom


New anti-terrorism laws passed a week before the lifting of the GE moratorium give the police unprecedented powers to fight 'terrorist-related' offences and imposes penalties of up to 10 years jail and a $500,000 fine.

The sweeping new legislation covers activities such as tampering with crops intended for human consumption (like GE perhaps) and threatening to do an act likely to cause major risk to people, property or the economy (not even doing it, just threatening).

Labour MP Phil Goff states "Exercising a democratic right to protest will not see people designated as terrorists", but then hints at the possibility of employing the new laws against protestors, saying "the right to protest has never been a right to indulge in unrestrained criminal activity".

People are now required to provide full access to their computers, including computer passwords, if police have a judicial warrant, even though this breaches a persons right to avoid self-incrimination.

The use of tracking devices without a warrant is authorised by the Act for customs and police agents in "emergency" situations, even where the placement of such devices requires breaking the law.

The bill was supported by all political parties except the Greens, who state that the Terror bill will undermine citizens civil liberties.

BUSH IN AUSTRALIA: Greens Bushwack USA President in Canberra


While thousands protested in Melbourne (Report & photos, more photos) and Sydney (Report, Photos), two murderous Presidents, Bush and Hu, arrived in Australia to address the Australian Parliament. Canberra was under massive security alert for President Bush. Three thousand people protested his visit in Canberra (Reports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

). Inside parliament, Greens Senator Bob Brown interjected during Bush's speech to release two Australian citizens detained without charge in Guantanamo Bay. Later Greens Senator Kerry Nettle interjected to urge Australia not to sign a free trade agreement with the United States. (Bushwacked in Canberra by the Greens)

Some people argue that Howard should use this opportunity to push to free Political Prisoners held by China and the USA. Security precautions are less for the President of China, and the question has been asked: Is the Left letting China off the Hook

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