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GLOBALISATION: World Trade Organisation meets in Sydney



The World Trade Organisation's latest meeting has begun in Sydney. The latest round of talks is set to begin on the 14th and end on the 15th November.

A freedom of movement march has already taken place, while other mass actions are due to take place over Thursday and Friday. Police have refused to issue any marching permits.

Aotearoa Indymedia will be bringing you updates on major events - check out Sydney Indymedia as the main source of news and information.


N16 3.30pm -Eyewitness report on the final day of anti-WTO actions in Sydney.

N16 11am - Friday November the 15th began with a pirate radio broadcast jamming commercial radio signals with an anti-WTO report.

WTO talks were met with about 2000 protestors including radical cheerleaders, gas masks and even more police.

Protest reports have come in on November 14th actions, and the Free Movement of the People march the night before.

N15 12.50am - November 14th: Sydney police have been accused of violence against anti-WTO demonstrators, while city streets flood with protesters. Arrests include a New Zealand Indymedia journalist detained and later released during one of the protest marches. Listen to his arrest report here.

[ noWTO organising site | WTO watch ]

NEO-COLONIALISM: Internet war brewing over Lego's use of te Reo



BZPower, an enthusiast's website for Lego toys called 'Bionicles', has had its forum pages shut down by what they exaggeratingly call attacks by a "Maori cyberterrorist".

The Danish toy company received a letter in May 2001 from lawyer Maui Solomon, representing three Maori groups - Ngati Kuri, Te Rarawa and Ngati Wai. They objected to the appropriation and commodification of the Reo - the Bionicle universe is filled with terms lifted from polynesian and Maori history and language. [ Guardian | BBC ]

Lego first rejected the claims of "cultural piracy", although later agreed to stop using the language to market new products . They have refused to withdraw the toy from the market.

The website has received a threat from the "Army of Free Speech" and have posted their reply here.

Update: Click here to read a new response to BZPowers claims of 'cyber-terrorism', the use of intellectual property by other states to profit from other cultures, and the appropriation and reselling of identity by C Karena.

[ The Mataatua Declaration | Maui Solomen on intellectual property rights | | Scoop commentary ]

PUBLIC SERVICES: Selling our Water


Don't let water drip into private profit!

A new plan by Wellington City Council and Hutt City Council (which
covers the Lower Hutt valley area) has provoked water groups to call

The plan, which the Auckland Water Pressure Group (WPG) labels `privatisation', claims to be a two council partnership to gain
efficiencies in management and planning, yet provides little concrete
evidence of claimed benefits. A brief analysis of the RJMU Plan revealed weaknesses in the financial benefits claimed. [read the full story...]

Submissions can be made to both Councils below, and close on 18th November, 2002.

[ The RJMU Plan | Make a submission to WCC | Make a submission to HCC ]

PEOPLE'S GLOBAL ACTION: Aotearoa PGA to converge in November




People's Global Action (PGA), is a worldwide network working towards a durable, social, borderless and directly democratic alternative to capitalism and all systems of oppression which lead to poverty, indigenous dispossession, borders, exploitation of workers, corporate globalisation, privatisation, patriarchy, ecological destruction, etc. It encompasses farmers, squatters, indigenous peoples, anti-capitalists, anti-roads campaigners, radical ecologists, anarchists, communists, peasants, free movement groups, media activists, workers, students and much more - all fighting for a better world, taking on the empire of multi-nationals, their state puppets, and the international mafia rackets of the WEF, WTO, World Bank and IMF.

Inspired by the Chiapas popular uprising in 1994 and the meeting of 6000 activists hosted by the Zapatistas in Mexico in 1996, PGA held its first gathering in Geneva in February 1998, when more than 300 delegates from 71 countries launched a worldwide co-ordination of resistance against the global market. Since that meeting there have been many actions and protests against corporate globalisation, most notably in Seattle in November 1999.

Hosted by Te Mana Akonga and Ngai Tauira, Wellington collectives and groups (Aotearoa Educators, Windymedia, Anti-'Bypass' Action, Committee for the Establishment of Civilisation, etc.) are calling on the different Aotearoa movements who have an affinity with the network's hallmarks to converge at the Student Union Building, Victoria University, Kelburn Parade, Wellington on 8 to 10th November.

The anti-capitalist convergence held at Zeal in November 2001 was aimed mainly at disseminating information. This year we are looking at having a more strategy-based convergence. On Friday night there will be a welcome and introductions; on Saturday there will be five concurrent strategic sessions as follows:

-State militarism and paramilitarism. Contact Peace Movement Aotearoa,

-Tino Rangatiratanga. Contact Aotearoa Educators,

-Anti-privatisation/Anti-capitalist strategies. Contact Anti-'Bypass' Action,

-Campaign to construct alternative models to the capitalist system. Contact

-Indymedia (independent media). Contact Windymedia collective.

For more information, or if you require accomadation email:

Update 6th Nov 02:

The schedule for the PGA convergence is now available. Start and finish times are:

Day Start Time End Time
Friday 8th - Introduction 7:00pm NIL
Saturday 9th Stream 1 - Tino Rangatiratanga 10:00am 4:00pm
Stream 2 - State Militarism 10:30am 1:00pm
Stream 3 - Anti-Privatisation/Capitalism 10.30am 1pm
Stream 4 - Alternatives to Capitalism 2pm 3pm
Stream 5 - Independent Media 10:00am 3:00pm
Sunday 10th - Report Backs/Building PGA 10:30am 4:00pm

[ People's Global Action in Aotearoa ]

WAR, TERRORISM AND BALI BOMB: Bali Bomb Raises `War on Terror' Rhetoric


The explosion of two bombs at the Sari nightclub in Kuta Beach on the tourist hotspot of Bali, Indonesia has fuelled the rhetoric of advocates of the ``War on Terror''. Australian citizens are believed to have been the primary target of the bombing, and Australian Prime Minister John Howard has claimed this necessitates greater measures against terrorism.

Initial tentative claims by NZ Foreign Minister Phil Goff that the Islamic group Jemaah Islamiyah were responsible [RadioNZ interview, 14th Oct, 2002] have been rivalled by US President George Bush, who said ``I think we have to assume its Al Qaeda'' who carried out the attacks, and linked it to his `War on Terrorism'. Bush was backed in this assertion by the Indonesian Defence Minister.

None of these claims have been substantiated, and denials have been issued by some groups (FPI and MMI) accused of the bombings. Ironically, UK Foreign Secretary Jack Straw has said it is ``too soon'' to know if Al Qaeda was involved.

The accusations of Indonesia being a base for terrorists has been countered by Australian academic Dr Greg Fealy and columnist David Miller, and rebuked by suspected Jemaah Islamiyah head Abu Bakar Ba'asyir who suggested US involvement. A meeting of Indonesian religious leaders also rejected the rumours of religious motivation for the attacks.

NZ Prime Minister Helen Clark has offered assistance and sympathy to both Indonesia and Australia, while confirming her desire to ``counter terrorism'', and likening the bombing to the September 11th, 2001 plane attacks. Full responses from around the world are at Scoop.

Update - 22 Oct 2002:

While Western governments have settled into their war on terror rhetoric as a response to the Bali bombing, and Howard's government have set up a spy base in Indonesia, journalist John Pilger rebuffs John Howard's attempts to use Bali to buy into the war on terror.

Action in Solidarity with Asia and the Pacific (ASAP) has also issued a denouncement of the terror language and history of Australian intervention in Indonesia, while a young Kiwi expresses her concerns about youth response to the bombings.

The Indonesian authorities have subsequently arrested MMI leader Abu Bakar Ba'asyir, but have been criticised for the lack of evidence against him. Meanwhile, NZ PM Helen Clark has been accused of lying over the prior information the government had about the bombings.

[ US President Bush blames Al Qaeda | David Miller rebuts claims without proof | Scoop coverage: NZ political party views ]

CIVIL LIBERTIES: NZ Government Fast Tracks Anti-Terrorism Bill


Parliament has been sitting under urgency to push through a number of controversial bills, including the 'Terrorism (Bombings and Financing) (Suppression) Bill'

Urgency suspends Parliament's normal rules, allowing the Government to pass legislation in a matter of days. It can also bypass the normal process of hearing public submissions on Bills, although public pressure forced submissions on the Terrorism Bill after Green MP Keith Locke broke news of the draconian law change late in 2001.

According to Peace Movement Aotearoa this Bill "marks the single greatest legislative erosion of human rights and the due process of law in this country since those Acts passed in the late 1800s which took away the right to trial - in particular the M

WAR AND THE MEDIA: Independent Media under Fire



As the rhetoric circulates the globe in the build up to href="">Bush and href=",2763,775529,00.html">Blairs proposed war on Iraq, other states have cashed in on the policy of civil repression under the guise of 'preventing terrorism'. Global governments have altered/implemented legislation restricting possible actions that may oppose the party line. At present in Aotearoa/NZ, the Government is fast tracking a bill which "marks the single greatest legislative erosion of human rights and the due process of law in this country since those Acts passed in the late 1800s which took away the right to trial - in particular the M

WAR IN THE GULF: Mobilising against the war on Iraq


S11 Demonstration in Wellington

On the 28th of September people around the world will be making their views known about the much hyped looming war on Iraq. (Daily air raids don't count as 'war' we're told).

Here in Aotearoa/NZ we know of actions in Napier and Wellington [2] and Auckland (who have a pdf poster).

There is also a petition "No NZ support for the 'war on terrorism'" being circulated by Peace Movement Aotearoa.

UK Indymedia have set up a section of their site dedicated to resisting the US's war mongering, and a wealth of information critical of US policy on Iraq is available from Znet.

So, get down to your local event or make one happen where you live - and then tell us how it went.

Reports from Actions

[ Napier

| Dunedin

| Wellingtonphoto

| Auckland

| Global


Select AIM Iraq articles [ 'No-Fly' zone interview | Imperial PAX Americana | That Dossier ]

[ Publicise your action | Make a report | All AIMC Iraq articles ]

GLOBAL TERRORISM: Embassy Protest Marks S11 Anniversary


On September 11 2001, the world was rocked by a terrorist attack in New York killing up to 2500 innocent people.

On the same day millions of people around the world were impoverished and killed as a result of American Foreign Policy. The same thing happened the day before and the day after and is still happening today.

Commemorations of the dramatic events of September 11th at the US Embassy conflicted with mainstream thinking when a gathering of Wellington residents expressed outrage at U.S. foreign policy and asked the question "Who are the real terrorists?"

One young punk who had come to protest at the arrogance of the American Administration and to give a voice to these unsaid truths was arrested at the US Embassy.

"We are going to arrest you because we find that offensive" - Officer Paul Berry said while arresting a young punk with a papier mache knife that read "Payback Inc - est Sept 11". One demonstrator spoke about how they found the actions of the US Government offensive

Many people felt that the real questions of September 11 that are constantly avoided by the corporate media or had so much spin on them that they were getting dizzy.

"Why does the United States Superpower refuse to acknowledge that the atrocities that they commit around the world are directly linked to the retaliatory acts of September 11?"

Demonstrators in the group who had done their research shared information with other protestors about how the United States Superpower has broken international laws, and killed people all over the world in the name of freedom and democracy.

One of these persons informed the group: "They (The United States Superpower) asassinates world leaders and forces indigenous peoples from their lands all over the world, holding guns to their heads while stealing oil from them and funding military dictators".

[ Read more | Press Release | NYC Indymedia ]

JOHANNESBURG: GLOBAL APARTHEID: WSSD Ends in Failure Amid Growing Dissent


Water cannon in JohannesburgThe WSSD ended on September 5 amid growing opposition to deepening global plutocracy.

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