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NGAWHA: Iwi occupy prison site



A noho (occupation) by Te Whanau o Ngawha of Ngati Rangi, Ngapuhi and supporters, in opposition to construction of a jail on whenua tapu (sacred land) at Ngawha Springs, has prevented the Corrections Department and construction vehicles gaining access to the proposed and expensive prison site since December 7.

A Marae is being established, as well as Kohanga Reo, gardens and a wharekai. This is not only feeding the occupiers but is also forming part of the roadblock.

The occupation follows on from a Taniwha warning ,and May arrests of 37 people for supposedly trespassing the Ngawha site. All charges have been dropped.

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auckland 14.12.02

On December 14th around 500 people participated in the GPJA Network rally 'An Xmas Message for George Bush: Peace, Not War for Iraq '. Assembling at QE2 Square with speeches from John Minto (GPJA), Keith Locke (Greens) and Mike Treen (Alliance) - the group moved on to chant and sing outside the US Consulate General in Customs Street.

An open mic gave voice to 'Women for Peace', the 'Palestine Human Rights Campaign' and others. The mood was determined, and energy high. Graphic banners, chants, and Paul's portable music wheelie bin blasting out revolutionary people's anthems from Bob Marley, The Beatles, Disposable Heroes et al, kept the pace lively as the demonstration turned into a spontaneous march up Queen Street to Aotea Square. Although envisaged on a smaller scale than the previous two marches - Sept. 28 "Stop the War on Iraq" and Oct. 26 "No More Blood For Oil", each drawing around 2000 people - the spirit of those participating easily made the demonstration as BIG as the others.

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CONSUMERISM: Buy Nothing This Christmas


outside the box

Following on from the now international event Buy Nothing Day, activists have launched a new campaign : Buy Nothing Christmas. "The advertising and marketing world has forgotten what Christmas is really about. They expect you to spend hundreds of dollars on presents that are supposed to show your 'caring sharing' side. Gifts that are usually overpriced, that people don't need or want, and especially in the case of kids stuff, that invariably break before you've finished Christmas dinner."

As an alternative, the Buy Nothing team in Auckland are offering free Christmas Gift Exemption Certificates from their website, encouraging people to "...enjoy all the good things about Christmas while making a statement against the relentless demands of our consumer culture."

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CREATING A DIFFERENT WORLD: 'Shut the Fuck up!' or, How to act better in meetings


smash patriarchy

"Being an activist these days means fighting for a thousand different
things - indigenous rights, rainforests, corporate accountability, etc.
Despite this diversity of campaigns, there seems to be some agreement
on the kind of society we want to create. It

WAR IN IRAQ: 'No blood for oil' - anti war actions in Wellington


As anti war protests around the globe escalate, including a group demanding weapons inspection in USA, a Wellington anti war network have announced protest actions for this weekend. Saturday the 14th of December will see the Parade for Peace and also an all ages gig where proceeds are being sent to the Sinibad Primary Health Clinic in Basra, Iraq.

Peace Action Wellington has networked amongst Wellington activists and grass roots groups, unions, political parties, students, artists and entertainers opposed to a war
on Iraq, with the aim 'to create public space for engagement on the
issues, to provide positive gestures for peace and a strong voice of protest'. [1]

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WELLINGTON INNER CITY BY-PASS: Community garden created despite threats from Transit NZ


Despite threats from Transit NZ, a community garden has been
created in Crown owned Buller St Carpark, by people opposing the Wellington
inner-city 'Bypass'.

This afternoon about 20-30 people started gardening, digging holes and
planting native trees and other plants all over the carpark, ignoring
Transit who arrived to threaten them with arrest. Protesters also
ignored the 10-15 police who turned up and took names and warned of arrests
but didn't make any. Like the community gardens in Tonks Avenue and Kensington Street,
the Buller St carpark was an empty lot destined for the controversial
inner-city bypass and reclaimed by anti-bypass protestors.

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SUSTAINABLE TRANSPORT: Critical Mass Wellington


critical mass in Wellington

Critical Mass cyclists ride in a group as safety is in numbers, through the city streets to celebrate cycling, a fossil-fuel-free mode of transportation, redefining of the social space in our city and to reclaim autonomy in a society which the car dominates.

It is a monthly "unorganised coincidence" of cyclists. It started in San Francisco on September 25, 1992 and it has spread to over 300 cities around the world. It arrived in Wellington two years later in 1994 and it is still going strong.

Critical Mass meets on the last Friday of every month at 5.30 pm at Civic Square, Wellington.

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CREATIVE ACTIVISM: A Buy Nothing Day message


Buy Nothing Day

Hi! It's OTL here, a Montreal-based experimental theatre lab that
explores culture-jamming through performance. We are welcoming all
activists and theatricians (and media) to join in our theatrical
actions this BUY NOTHING DAY. Please see one example below. We
encourage other BND activists to write similar scenes; we encourage
people to play in a variety of scenes.

Other activists, please get in touch if you'd like to join our
theatrical efforts, or wish us to join in yours. The more collaboration
the better! We are hoping to hold theatrical workshops in the days
leading up to BND, and think the Kiwis should do the same..

Read more: Buy
Nothing Day resources
| href="">'meta-play'


Buy Nothing Day info: NZ | UK | Adbusters

Let us know how your BND went - comment on this feature here.

Update [12.12.02]: The Buy Nothing team Akl bring you the Buy Nothing Christmas - read about it here.

POLICE ACTIONS AND POWERS: Wellington trial of Constable Abbott for Wallace killing starts


The trial of Senior Constable Keith Abbott began in Wellington on
November the 18th. He is charged with murder, and an alternative
charge of manslaughter, in relation to the death of Steven Wallace -who
was shot and killed in Waitara on 30 April 2000.

John Rowan, QC, outlined the prosecution's case in his opening address, stating that it was unnecessary for Abbott to have shot Wallace as there were alternatives available. Steven had a baseball bat
- a non-distance weapon - so there was no danger to anyone beyond his
immediate vicinity.


Constable Abbott has been found not guilty of murder - read an eyewitness analysis here.

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BIOTECHNOLOGY: Protest to greet biotech conference



Mothers Against Genetic Engineering (Madge), Auckland Animal Action and GE Free Auckland will all be organising protest actions during the 8th International Pacific Rim Biotechnology Conference.

The biotech conference will be held at Auckland's Sheraton Hotel from 17 - 20 November. Hosted by the New Zealand Biotechnology Association and BIOTENZ, conference topics focus on business, intellectual property and public perceptions.

New Zealand biotech industry speakers include Diatranz, a company conducting xenotransplantation experiments, and AgResearch, recently granted permission to continue genetically engineering cows with human genes.

A key conference sponsor is Marsh, an insurance company held responsible by many for keeping Huntingdon Life Sciences - the biggest contract vivisection company in europe - in business.


N22: Anti-biotech conference protests began at the Sunday registration, with around 50 activists showing up to make the registrations as noisy and as difficult as possible. Loud protests continued throughout the conference, including at the conference dinner and at 6am on the final day.

Read the full report here.

N16 - GE Free march in Auckland

thousands of people marched in Auckland today for a GE Free Aotearoa. The colourful, diverse crowd comprised a wide range of groups including the Green Party, Alliance, Madge and Eco Labour to name just a few. The march, led by Pukekohe school children went from Aotea Square to Albert Park where people listened to a variety of speakers (such Jon Carapiet and Jane Kelsey) and were entertained by DJs and musicians such as Golden Horse, Trinity Roots and Stinky Jim. The event took place without any negative incidents and like last year's Auckland protest succeeded in creating a vibrant, carnivalesque, atmosphere.

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