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ANTIWAR: Reports from the frontlines


Reports continue to come out from non-corporate sources witnessing the bombing of Iraq. Jo Wilding is a peace activist/commentator currently in Baghdad. This is her latest
report :

"Last night's bombs were so immense I could see the flashes from inside
a room with the curtains drawn and my eyes closed. The building swayed
like a treehouse in the wind, rocking long after the sound had died away
and the soothing voice of the prayer call was singing out, as if from a
machine activated by the sudden shaking of the minaret.

The communications towers were hit last night and today there are no
phones. The internet is but a fantasy and even the carrier pigeons have
dirtied the pavement and deserted. I don't know how Zaid is, or Asmaa
and Israa and Mimi and Omar, or Majid and Raid or Ibrahim, probably less
than a mile away, although it may as well be a million, or Umal or
Waleed or Samir or Hamsa or any of them. Kamil's house is trashed - it's
on El Shaab street, near the ruined market. Mr Zaid, the minder, is
understandably a little tense today after his house was hit last night."

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ANTI WAR: Direct action against war



While vigils and rallies continue to draw thousands of people thoughout New Zealand, some are turning to direct action and civil disobedience.

Kicking off the action on Saturday was 500 Aucklanders, who left the main rally to occupy upper Queen St and blockade the US and Australian consulates. [Reports 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ]

The next day antiwar activist Daniel Rae entered the US Air Force Base at Harewood, Christchurch and poured red paint on the runway. "When we live in such undemocratic and unjust societies that result in wars such as the one currently being waged against the people of Iraq, we have no choice but to take non-violent direct action against the system causing such massive suffering," said Daniel Rae.

On Monday two Christians, a Dominican priest and a member of the Catholic Worker movement, made a cross with their own blood on the floor of the U.S. Consul's office in Auckland, at the same time telling the Consul he was 'actively supporting imperialism and genocide.'

Direct/action resources: The Melbourne Activist Cookbook | Act Against War | Direct Action

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NO WAR: Protest Actions Around Oceania



Reaction in Oceania against the war on Iraq has been both swift and massive, with huge demonstrations continuing.

In Manilla, spontaneous as well as organised protest actions have been occuring, including one of 10,000 people outside the US embassy.

In Perth building workers walked off construction sites, students walked out of class, and 1500 people rallied in the streets. 11 people were arrested. [Pictures 1 | 2]

Brisbane's first rally on Thursday attracted 8000 people and later 1000 protesters blocked a main street . [Audio 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 ] [Reports 1 | 2 ] Initial reports from Saturdays march also indicate a huge turnout.

Meanwhile in Melbourne 30 000 people attended an emergency anti-war demo on Thursday afternoon. At the end of the demonstration around 500 people continued on to the US consulate where they lit flares and threw paint bombs at the building. One person was arrested. [Reports 1 | 2 ] [Pictures 1 | 2 ] More than 10 000 unionists rallied on Friday day, and there was another demo of around 5000 that evening.

In Sydney 20 000 marched including a small group who threw paint on New South Wales Premier Bob Carr's vehicle.Sunday saw more than 50,000 people take to the streets.

Adelaide protesters rallied at Parliament House, blocking traffic, while in Hawaii protesters gathered at the Federal Building in Honolulu.

In New Zealand emergency response vigils took place throughout the country, while protesters in Wellington and Auckland targeted the embassies and consulates of the UK, USA and Australia. Protests continued on Saturday, with 10 thousand demonstrators in Auckland and 4,000 in Wellington. Three people were arrested at the Wellington US embassy. [Pictures 1 | 2]

Visit your local Oceania IMC for full reports:

Adelaide | Aotearoa | Brisbane | Jakarta | Hawaii | Melbourne | Perth | Sydney

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ANTIWAR: Wartime actions begin



Friday 21st: Students in Christchurch have held actions at the university.

Thursday 20th: Only hours after the first bombs started falling on Iraq, people throughout Aotearoa have held emergency protest actions. In Auckland people gathered outside the US Consulate. They proceded to march up Queen Street and then on to the Australian Consulate.

In Wellington one protestor was arrested at Parliament, and about 500 protestors held emergency actions at the UK , USA and Australian embassies. Dunedin and Christchurch were amoung cities holding emergency vigils.

View video from Auckland actions : [ 1 ] [ 2 ]

[ International actions ]

ANTIWAR: Emergency response vigils around Aotearoa



Communities around Aotearoa are preparing for emergency vigils on the day
the bombing begins in Iraq. Find out what's happening in your town href="front.php3?article_id=4354&group=webcast">here.

Organising an event that isn't listed? Contact Peace Movement Aotearoa at, and add yours to the
article as a comment.

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TINO RANGATIRATANGA: Marae claims sovereignty


Bruce Stewart

Founder of the Tapu Te Ranga Marae, Bruce Stewart, has collated and prepared a detailed case outlining his own tino rangatiratanga on his marae at Island Bay, Wellington. He says as a result he does not have to answer to either council or Crown, but is prepared to consult on safety and hygiene matters.

He has informed the Wellington City Council and the Crown that "neither they nor any other non-marae or non-Maori individuals have any entitlement to determine or interfere with any matters within our marae boundaries".

A previous zoning change, since reversed, was made without consultation and in breach of the Treaty principles, says Mr Stewart. Recent imposition of "excessive by-law constraints" have provoked him into making this legal case.

[ Read the full article | Maori Independence site ]

ANTI WAR: Military Targets: an interview with Moana Cole



From the newswire:

On the third of February, five members of the pacifist Catholic Worker
movement sabotaged british warplanes at Shannon Airport in Ireland. Among
them was veteran activist Ciaron O'Reilly, who visited Christchurch last
year. Last week, an Indymedia interviewer caught up with an old associate of
his: Moana Cole.

Moana explains the philosophy of ploughshares. "It takes its inspiration
from [the Old Testament prophet] Isaiah, whose vision was of a disarmed
world where weapons would be converted into tools that would be constructive for humanity." It's a direct action movement that's updated the "swords" in
"beat their swords into ploughshares" to include guns, bombs, and warplanes.

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ANTIWAR: Protestors greet Australian PM



Australian PM John Howard's visit to NZ has not gone unnoticed.
The pro-war PM arrived on Saturday in Auckland, landing at the
Whenuapai airbase.
[ >1 ]

A large anti-war message was delivered as part of
Women's Day
march in Auckland.

Howard must have found it hard to have a quiet Sunday breakfast
while protestors with megaphones, pots and pans and sticks banging
on barricades gathered in front of the Sheraton and sent a href="">loud
anti-war message for him to consider over his weet bix.

The Australian PM continued on to Wellington on Monday only to find
that Greenpeace had href="">hung
a John Howard puppet from the fingers of a
giant Gollum (aka GW Bush) from Lord of the Rings who lurks on top of
the Embassy Theatre. The action was intended "to expose who's pulling the strings"
[ watch the video ]

Later in the afternoon href="">1000
people gathered outside parliament for another rowdy protest designed to annoy
Clark and Howard while they had their cosy state luncheon.
made 5 arrests but it remains unclear what the protestors will be charged with.

Discuss this feature | TV3 footage

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CIVIL RIGHTS: Victoria University Ban Animal Rights Activist


Victoria University in Wellington have brought police on campus to issue a tresspass notice to an animal rights activist who was part of an information stall promoting a new animal rights group on campus.

Michael Wise, of Animal Rights Victoria, was issued the trespass notice banning him from the campus for two years. In the last three days he and other animal rights activists had been distributing pamphlets opposing the animal experiments being carried out by Victoria University Professor Susan Schenk. Schenk carries out drug addiction experiments on rats.

"The University is trying to ban the voice of opposition. Their own staff member is torturing and killing animals in useless and cruel experiments, and they don't want the students to know about this."

"The campaign has only started three days ago, and already the University and Schenk are scared. They think that banning people from the university will prevent actions being taken against Schenk's experiments, but they couldn't be further from the truth."

[ Read the full story | Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine ]

ANIMAL LIBERATION: KFC Cruelty <!-- duplicate -->



group Wellington Animal Action have staged a two-pronged
protest on inner-city KFC outlets , with heavy police presence. Information was distributed informing the public about the href="">
inhumane living conditions and href="!%20Campaigns/Slaughter/std7.htm">slaughter of chickens for consumption.

This is part of a href="
rtman/4887217.htm">wider global movement targeting KFC, including href="">open
rescues in Australia.

Read more: Kentucky Fried Cruelty | NZ vegetarian Society | Save Animals From Exploitation | Vegan Action | Comments

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