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IRAQ WAR ANALYSIS: Wolves and Sheep


Stan Goff

Former West Point instructor and retired U.S. Army Special Forces Master Sergeant Stan Goff's latest essay 'Wolves and Sheep' offers his perspective on what
happened with the Iraqi conflict, the compliance of the global corporate media,and the faliure of the left movement in this time of crisis.

Goff caught the worlds attention shortly after the WTC disaster
with an essay called 'The So-Called
Evidence Is a Farce'

Writings by S Goff: War crimes | Victories overruled" | Centre for research on Globalisation

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ANTI-CAPITALISM: Mayday Mayhem Masquerade March



From the Calendar:

Mayday Mayhem Masquerade March is the theme of this year's
participatory street carnival/protest that will celebrate our resistance to the capitalist war machine. With costumes, music, free food and festivities, the march will draw attention to the industries that will benefit directly from the atrocities committed on the people of Iraq, all in the name of "democracy".

The history of workers resistance on May 1st stems from a massive strike across the US in 1886. Demanding an eight-hour working day, six workers were killed, and four innocent men, known as the Haymarket Martyrs, were hanged. Since then, in memory and in spirit of the Haymarket Martyrs, worker's organisations across the world have celebrated May 1st as a global day of resistance against the exploits of capitalism.

With masks, costumes and pots in hands the carnival will congregate at the Freedom shop, where Food not Bombs will provide free food and local musicians will play. We will then be heading down Cuba Street to Civic Sq., before heading off to a range of undisclosed locations.

Press Release: Stop War By Ending Capitalism!

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ANIMAL LIBERATION: World Week for Lab Animals kicks off at AgResearch


demo at wallaceville

Animal liberation activists have kicked off a week of action against vivisection with a demonstration at Wallaceville AgResearch.

Agresearch is a taxpayer funded organisation and their complex at Wallaceville in Upper Hutt, Wellington is one of five around the country that uses around 50,000 animals a year. Agresearch refuses to supply exact information to the public despite Official Information Act requests by the researchers of the National Anti-Vivisection Campaign (NAVC).

Concluding a national Animal Liberation conference, about fifty people took a train out to Wallaceville on Easter Monday and at around 3pm began a lively and noisy demonstration around the perimeter fence of the Agresearch complex. Some demonstrators climbed the low front fence but rejoined the main protest when police threatened arrests for trespass.

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BORDERS: Protest Camp at Baxter



Whilst 2000 Australian troops are busy assisting the US and UK "liberate" Iraqis, at home the Australian government continues to lock up those who move without papers fleeing poverty and persecution, including more than 150 seeking asylum from the Iraqi regime.

This Easter, protestors converged at the site of Australia's newest asylum seeker detention camp. Baxter is a militarised compound surrounded by electric fences 8km out of Port Augusta, about 3 hours north of Adelaide.

Protestors at one point succeeded in taking down a small perimeter fence but their attempts to reach the camp have reportedly been met by violent police resistance. The protest camp was kept under police helicopter surveillance. At one point the police entered the protest camp with machine guns because they had apparently seen someone pointing a gun. The "gun" turned out to be the leg of a camera tripod.

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IRAQ WAR REPORT: Iraqis Protest American Occupation


It appears the Iraqi people have discovered what modern 'democracy' looks like as US troops opened fire on protestors in Iraq. Crowds in Mosul started throwing rocks in response to a speech by new-governor Mashaan al-Juburi, who some accuse as being a US-'Puppet' like Saddam Hussein originally was. American troops then reportedly fired on the crowd, possibly after receiving small arms fire from nearby.

Dr. Ayad al-Ramadhani at the city hospital said that "there are perhaps 100 wounded and 10 to 12 dead" following the shooting near the local government offices in the city's central square. To further silence any opposition, the city was buzzed with F-14's, reminding people of the devastating bombings that have killed thousands of Iraqi civilians since "Operation Iraqi Freedom" began.

Earlier in Nasiriyah, 20 000 people from the Shia Muslim majority which was brutally oppressed by Hussein, chanted "No to America. No to Saddam,". "This is no freedom" chanted protesters in Baghdad as armed US occupation forces watched and tried to prevent the media from covering the event.

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SEXUALITY: McDonalds refuse magazine featuring gay youth



From the newswire:

McDonalds Restaurants have refused to distribute the latest issue of Tearaway, NZ's youth magazine, because it features an article on gay youth. McDonalds' head office initially said the feature was opposed to their 'family values' but they would leave the decision up to the individual outlets. Bizarrely, every single franchise in the country then agreed the content of the article was 'inappropriate' - all 55,000 copies of the magazine were to be returned.

The article contains stories from young people who have come to terms with their sexuality - they talk about the realisation, how they felt, how family and friends reacted and how they eventually came to cope with it.

It also features the story of a mother and how she came to terms with her daughters sexuality, advice on what to do if you are questioning your sexuality and a list of places to call and websites to check out for more information.

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ANTIWAR: Protests Target US Diplomats



While Helen Clark has apologised to the USA government for 'offensive' comments, many New Zealand people have been doing the exact opposite. Following a die in of about 30 people at the US Embassy on Friday afternoon (4th of April), residents of Lower Hutt marched to the home of the US ambassador. About 300 people demonstrated outside his residence on Saturday before continuing the the rally elsewhere.

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PEACE AND JUSTICE NETWORKING: The growth of a global grassroots movement



"Building a movement powerful enough to stop the war in Iraq or to successfully curb a next war in Syria or Iran or Venezuela, involves many factors. Among these, and perhaps the most fundamental, is sufficient numbers."

How can activists today transform the structures and cultures that created the invasion of Iraq and that cause wars and injustices today? One answer is wide-scale activist networking, online and off, like the We Stand for Peace & Justice Statement.

Amongst the signatories are some of the most promenint progressive personalities of this time, Arundhati Roy, Noam Chomsky, Tariq Ali, Naomi Klein, 1 and Subcomandante Marcos who signed on behalf of the EZLN.

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FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Peace activists forbidden to associate



Two members of Peace Action Wellington were arrested on Sunday evening at the Peace Camp outside of the US Embassy. They were arrested by the Diplomatic Protection Squad, who allege the women were painting anti-war graffiti.

Heavy bail conditions have forbidden the women to associate with each other, or to go within 100 metres of the US Embassy. This means the women can not work together on peace campaigning, or go to protests at the embassy. As one of the arrestees is an American they have effectively banned a US citizen from their own embassy. If they break these conditions they could be imprisoned until their trials have finished, a process which usually takes over 6 months. One of the arrested women was also held back at processing and interrogated.

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ANTIWAR: Wellington peace camp 'an expression of unity'



The Peace camps established outside the US and Australian Embassies on Friday, which maintained a weekend long vigil of protest against the war on the Iraqi people, has now finished. Two arrests have been reported.

The camp was called a great success as discussion was generated amongst a diverse range of peace activists. The US Embassy has witnessed displays of grief and outrage over the past few months with the escalation of the war - this action is a further example of opposition to the conflict.

Elsewhere in the country there were rallies and 'die-ins' - people from Hamilton, Christchurch and Dunedin all came out to demonstrate their continued opposition to the invasion of Iraq.

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