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PERTH IMC: Welcome to the neighbourhood



We'd like to extend a welcome to Perth Indymedia, the latest Independent Media Centre to be set up in oceania.

An autonomous collective of "journalists, tech monkeys, activists and sea pirates", Perth Indymedia "formed as a collective voice of dissent against the noise of corporate media".

Like Indymedia centres everywhere Perth Indymedia runs on open publishing, so you can tell your own stories. They also organise around the concept that independent media creation and advocacy has an important role to play in creating an open and fair society.

"get active.... post your hed off. WAAAAAKE UP!"

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FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Media reform movement in USA and New Zealand



Despite widespread public opposition including 750,000 comments received from concerned citizens, on 2 June the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) decided to further deregulate the US media environment opening the way for increased cross media ownership. Critics say this will cause the consolidation of media monopolies.

However, the decision by the FCC, a bureaucratic entity once largely ignored by the general public, has brought the issue of media ownership into the limelight and has mobilized political dissent against media monopolies in the US on an unprecedented scale .

Back in Aotearoa, critics say allegations of mismanagement and corruption aimed at public service media organizations such as Maori broadcasting agency, Te Mangai Paho , have been seized upon as part of a wider political agenda to discredit the public service media in favour of corporate media control. This is ironic given the fact that the NZ media is already largely under private control with its highly deregulated market and correspondingly high concentration of ownership. Another potential concern is the government's plans to continue to auction off spectrum rights to the highest bidder . With these issues in mind, academic and NZ media market expert, Bill Rosenberg will give a public lecture on media ownership next week in Auckland as part of a media awareness month promoted by GPJA.

[ US media reform network | Commentary on FCC ]

ANIMAL LIBERATION: Victory for animal rights activists



6 weeks of continuous demonstrations, lockdowns and phone-in days against Hartleys (Harpers Fashions) and React stores have ended with the owner declaring a fur recall and a no-fur policy.

It is one more victory for Auckland Animal Action, who in the last 3 months have also stopped "Shoes 'n Things" and nationwide Max Fashions stores selling fur products.

ANIMAL LIBERATION: Auckland fur industry feeling the heat



Auckland Animal Action's campaign against the fur industry is escalating, with civil disobedience, direct action and demonstrations showing no sign of stopping.

Three separate fur stores were greeted by noisy protests on Monday, following on from multiple protests just two days before (Saturday the 2nd). At the protests on Saturday two people including someone documenting the protest were arrested. Despite being released without charge, video gear and cellphones remain in the custody of police.

These actions come after a lockdown at two Hartleys stores on May 17th where activists had to be cut off the store entance with the "Jaws of Life".

Nor have the Animal Liberation Front let up the pressure - in the last week 20 fur sellers have had their locks glued, and Vincent Hartley (the owner of a dozen stores selling fur) had 10 litres of paint emptied over his gates.

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[ Footage from the lockdown | Discussion space ]

ACEH: Conflict escalates in Aceh



Aceh is a resource rich area with one of the world's largest oil and gas reserves, as well as having substantial gold and timber resources. In addition to being exploited by US and Japanese multi-nationals, the Jakarta-based political and business elite drain resources from Aceh.

There has been ongoing conflict between the government of Megawati Sukarnoputri and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM) guerrillas demanding independence from Indonesia.The country is now on the verge of a humanitarian disaster.

A letter from the West Papuan People's Representative Office states "that the Indonesian military is intent on subjecting the population of Aceh to the same 'punishment' as it inflicted on the people of East Timor".

Indonesian forces, who have embedded journalists, have been accused of massacring 18 civilians, and setting fire. to 100 schools

Protests have taken place in Wellington, and in Jakarta, where two Australian protesters were arrested. There is a
call for23rd May to be a day of action against the
Indonesian Government's invasion of Aceh with 45,000

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[ Discussion space ]

GE MORATORIUM: 'GE' or 'Not GE'?, that is the question.


The nationwide moratorium on GE crops ends on October 29. Calls from the
international community have suggested that the government rethink its plan,
and not to
"be sucked in by the false promises of the biotech corporations"
who promise benefits from this technology which is at best a
and the results are unknown. Locally, recent research shows more farmers are wanting to extend the moratorium, and only 20% of farmers saying they will use GE.

Submissions to government by 13 June.

NZ government
, along with Canada
has offered its support to a US plan to take the European
Union to the WTO due to its
policies on GM foods. The European Commissioner
by saying the case was misguided and unnecessary.

The EU de facto moratorium was installed due to consumer doubts regarding
GE products.

In Switzerland,
voted to support a 5 year moratorium on GE agriculture.
Australia will remain GE free
for another 2 years following a commercial release freeze instituted by
the federal government. In NZ, the
scientific community
is splitting over aspects of commercial GE.

Discussion Space

Physicians and scientists for responsible
[ GE-Free NZ | Mothers against GE | GE and Its Dangers ]

WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION: Use of Depleted Uranium continues to contaminate


DU shells Kosovo

Depleted Uranium used to be called radioactive nuclear waste, and it used to be welded into barrels, sealed in concrete and dumped into the ocean. Now it is moulded into bullets and fired into 'enemy' countries.

Despite mounting evidence that DU causes respiratory problems, breathing problems, birth defects, and cancers, the US government denies any long-term harmful effects from Depleted Uranium weapons, and has refused to clean up DU from Iraq.

The US also used DU in Kosovo, Yugoslavia and Afghanistan. May 29th is the Second International Day of Action Against Depleted Uranium.

Discussion Space

[ Campaign Against Depleted Uranium | The World in Context - Depleted Uranium | Pandora Project ]

ANTI-WAR WORKSHOPS: National Peace Workshops 2003


FlowerAfter a two year absence the annual gathering of peace and anti war people is back! National Peace Workshops 2003 will be hosted by Peace Action Network (Otautahi) in association with Peace Movement Aotearoa. This year the event is to be held at the Coppertop conference facilities at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.

The speakers will be the likes of Keith Locke, Niki Hagar, Moana Cole and David Small. For more information on the event check out the press release or the timetable.

Over the next three days reporters from Aotearoa Indymedia will be reporting from the National Peace Workshops and will be interviewing speakers and the public. We'll also reporting on the workshops and will be holding our own workshops about publishing on Indymedia.

[ Discussion Space | Peace Movement Aotearoa | Peace Action Network ]

COLONISATION: Indonesian occupation of West Papua


West Papua protest vigil

West Papua, the western half of New Guinea island has about 240 different tribal peoples, each with its own language and culture. Indigenous Papuans in West Papua and Papua New Guinea speak approximately 15% of the world's known languages.

First colonised by the Dutch, Indonesia has occupied West Papua since 1963. Betrayed by western governments hungry for mineral rights, the West Papuan people have been subjected to a virtual genocide by the Indonesian military.

The persecution of the West Papuans is a shame on the people of the pacific. The U.S. has resumed funding to the Indonesian military, who have deployed thousands more troops in Papua. There are reports of torture and mass village burnings in Wamena Area.

[ Discussion Space ]

[ West Papua Action | Peace Movement Aotearoa - West Papua Links ]

MAYDAY UPDATE: Wellington Mayday begins with two arrests


1.30pm: Around 120 people have gathered outside the Freedom Shop on Cuba St. to listen to bands, talk and enjoy free food from Food Not Bombs.

Two people have been arrested - one after smashing a television during a performance and one man who ordered the Police from his building. Police have formed a line and are keeping the crowd off the road -
splitting them into three different groups.

2pm: Protestors are currently marching down Cuba St. on their way to Civic Square in a sea of masquerade
masks, placards and banners.

3.20pm: Protestors have stormed Burger King on Lambton Quay and are now being ejected by police. Earlier the protest passed by BP's head office and has dropped in number to around 80 people.

3.45pm: Four more protestors have been arrested - three outside Burger King and a fourth at Mobil's office. The demonstration is currently at the Nike store on Lambton Quay and is heading towards Central Police Station to support the arrestees. Police are currently forming a cordon around the station.

4.20pm: Protestors have moved from the Police Station and are winding up the day with a party in Cuba Mall. There was another arrest as the crowd thinned out at the Police Station.

6.10pm: Legal Update In all there were 10 arrests, and 4 people are still in custody at Central Police Station. Two people were released without charge, but other protestors face charges that include assault of a police officer, obstruction and criminal nuisance. The remaining arrestees are expected to be processed in the next 1-2 hours.

It has been confirmed that one of the arrestees has suffered a broken right wrist as a result of police violence.

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