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SOLOMONS/ ANTI-WAR: The 'crisis' in the Solomons


The New Zealand government is deploying police officers and 105 defence personnel to the Solomon Islands. They will be a part of a 2000 strong Australian led force of police and military personnel.

Harold Keke the rebel leader of the Guadalcanal Liberation Front is reported to be attacking villages, and is being stated by both governments as a key reason to send troops. An interview with Mary Louise Callahan a reporter based in the Solomon

TINO RANGATIRATANGA: Paeroa hui says the foreshore and seabed belong to Maori



The Hauraki Maori Trust Board, on behalf of the iwi of Hauraki convened a
hui over proposed legislation by the crown over ownership of Maori seabeds
and foreshores. Attended by almost 1000 people, the hui was one of the
biggest political gatherings of Maori since the National government imposed
a $1 billion cap on Treaty of Waitangi settlements in 1994. While the debate
was at times heated the hui sent a clear message to the Government and its
Maori MP's- the foreshore and seabed belong to Maori and they will oppose
any moves to counter that. A Declaration was put out by the hui as
indication of the intent of the hui and answer some misconceptions already
raised in the media and by various politicians. The Declaration itself is a
synthesis of the views of the Hui. ">The Declaration
is based upon transcripts of the discussions at the hui, as well as the written submissions received from those Iwi and
Hapu that were not able to be present.

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GENETIC ENGINEERING: Crop and Food Research apply to field test GE onions


The Environmental Risk Management Authority (ERMA) has received an application from Crop & Food Research to field test genetically modified onions. The onions have been modified for resistance to the herbicide glyphosate, the chemical used in RoundUp. This is the first application to field test a genetically modified plant in three years, and if it goes ahead will take place in Crop & Food Research land around Lincoln, Canterbury.

The application comes at time when genetically modified sweetcorn has been found growing from 'certified GE free' seed near Gisbourne, and when ERMA has been cancelling public meetings.

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ANTI-WAR/ IMPERIALISM: Independence For All


Ms Liberty

Demanding Independence for All, and freedom from USA Economic and
military dominance, href="">Independence
Day actions have taken place href="">throughout New

Actions started early when href="/front.php3?article_id=8813&group=webc
">Wellington demonstrators
crashed the US Ambassador's party
on July the 3rd. On July 4th,
Peace Action Wellington took its href="
ast">message of peace, justice and self-determination to the street.
Anti-war activists href="
ast">marched with bombs representing the many countries invaded or
bombed by the US government, while href="
ast">Food Not Bombs gave away "The FREE FRENCH" Fries and vegan
burgers. Even the href="
ast">Statue of Liberty was seen strolling through downtown
Wellington. [ Pictures href="
ast">1 | href="
ast">2 | href="
ast">3 ]

In Auckland, there was a href="
ast">rally with street theatre outside McDonalds.

Actions in the USA

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INDIGENOUS RIGHTS: Maori advocate direct action to protect indigenous rights over seabeds and foreshores



Te Kawau Maro, TKM, add their voice to the call for direct action against the proposed crown action regarding the seabeds and foreshores.

Tino Rangatiratanga advocates met with Maori MPs to discuss growing anger
over proposed legislation by the crown over ownership of Maori seabeds and
foreshores. Lawyer Annette Sykes said "The Maori MPs were challenged to
consider their position in a Government that is clearly set upon a course of
action that continues to confiscate our lands and therefore breaches Te
Tiriti o Waitangi".

Spokesperson Ken Mair said "Due to the immoral position the crown has taken
we will prohibit them and their agents from accessing our waters and
foreshore. We will also provide advice and support to Maori communities who
wish to uphold their ownership rights".

Tino Rangatiratanga advocate Hone Harawira said "Support was offered to the
Labour Party Maori Caucus for their stand against government plans to own
the foreshore and seabeds. We also made it known this is a line in the sand
issue. We will not back down."

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NGAWHA: Ngawha Noho Evicted


Ngawha occupation

Tangata Whenua were removed from the peaceful protest at Ngawha
Monday 30 June, when 20-30 police arrived on the site of occupation. Contractors are now clearing the site.

The stand off between the href="">Ngawha
Kaitiaki and the href="">police
at the controversial Ngawha prison site has escalated with a notice href="">threatening eviction of the href="
ast">occupation. Hailed as a href="">miscarriage of justice by the Greens, the notice was issued after an
abandoned Ute was href=>set on
fire near the site.

The occupation has been present for over href="
00,429,">200 days at the Ngawha prison site.

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ABORIGINAL RIGHTS: Aboriginal Tent Embassy Under Threat


aboriginal tent embassy

A call has been put out for all supporters of indigenous sovereignty to come to Canberra and show support for the Aboriginal Tent Embassy - under attack by the Federal Government and a suspicious arson.

This urgent SOS comes after the suspected firebombing of a heritage listed cultural centre at the Embassy. The Territories Minister Wilson Tuckey has refused to condemn the arson, saying the fire was a sign of growing community anger about the embassy, and has threatened to remove the structure.

The Aboriginal Tent Embassy was founded on "Invasion Day" January 26th, 1972 and has represented all 520 aboriginal nations from across the nation in their ongoing struggle for sovereignty.

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[ Background History | Aboriginal Embassy Website (archived 1999) | Aboriginal Genocide ]

WORKERS ISSUES: Showgirls Picket To Defend Workers Rights



The success of the Friday night picket resulted in Saturdays picket being called off, the management claiming they had lost over $10,000, and the employees being reinstated.Management also agreed to investigate allegations of violence and abuse against the cleaners. Unite is now watching to see whether the employer will keep their word, but is ready to carry the industrial struggle in to the streets again.

From the newswire:

The management of Santa Fe Gold have sacked five cleaners after they joined the Unite Union. The workers had contacted the union after being subjected to continual verbal abuse including racist comments. One worker was even assaulted. Management also failed to meet minimum health and safety standards. They weren

PROSTITUTION REFORM BILL: Controversial prostitution bill to be voted on tonight


UPDATE:The Prostitution Reform Bill became law with a close vote of 60 to 59, with 1 abstention. The new law will give sex workers rights that other people take for granted.

From the newswire:

Today the New Zealand Parliament is going to vote on one of the
most important pieces of social reform seen in Aotearoa.

The Prostition Reform Bill will decriminalise prostitution in New
Zealand and give prostitutes the same rights and protections of all
other workers in New Zealand.

Unfortunately the extreme moral right has been extensively
lobbying MPs with misguided, moralistic, fear-driven hysteria, and this
seems to be having an affect. Even ACT, the Libertarians, who believe
that everyone has the right to do whatever they want without
interference from the State has decided that prostitutes deserve
criminal records....

ast">Read entire post

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COMMUNITY: Building an Auckland community centre



From the newswire:

Isn't it time for an Auckland activist, education and culture community center?

Just imagine you've just returned from a colourful and creative protest with musicians, street theatre, critical mass, a twisted bicycle circus, free yummy warm soup from Food not Bombs, to a community space to relax, reflect, begin work on next weeks banners, enjoy music, eat vegan food, post up an Indymedia report or photos from the protest and be interviewed on an activist tv program on Triangle Tv or perhaps you just want to sit down and dream...

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