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GE ISSUES: 'The Leech and the Earthworm'


'The Leech and the Earthworm' Video Cover

Aotearoa Indymedia presents a series of documentaries on Genetic

'The Leech and the Earthworm'is produced by Debra Harry
(IPCB) and focuses on indigenous peoples views on Western science, its
vision of a genetically engineered future, and its links with
globalisation. It combines passionate critiques of a future threatened
by genetic engineering, and shares living alternatives to a globalised

"Stop the Crop" is produced by Undercurrents UK, and covers a
direct action event in the UK in which a genetically modified crop was
pulled by protestors.(7mins)

Screening dates:

Wellington: Thursday 14 August at 8 pm, Newtown Community
Centre , corner
of Rintoul and Colombo St. Cost $5

Auckland: Wednesday 27 August at 7pm, Alleluyah Cafe, St.
Kevin's Acrade, 147 K'rd. Cost: $5/3.

Dunedin: Wednesday 27 August at 7pm, Arc Cafe, 135 High St.
Cost: donation

Local Indymedia groups in Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin all have
monthly documentary screenings. Want get involved or start one up in
your area? Contact
your local group
, or href="">join the
national organising list.

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SMART ACTIVISM: Flash Mobs: A new protest strategy?


San Fransisco flash mob in action

are the latest Internet craze circling the
planet. They are examples of smart
, a term coined by writer Howard Rheingold,
which describes the use of modern technology
to quickly mobilize people for spontaneous creative
gatherings. It is only a matter of time before flash
mobs are utilised effectively as part of a href="">swarm
protest strategy. There's been discussion in HREF="">geek
circles about using the idea of flash mobs in
protests, including at href="">Sydney
Indymedia recently.

The concept of Flash Mobs can be traced to href="">
Science Fiction, the href="">critical
mass cycling phenomena, and the href="">Situationists
who encapsulated the idea of the
flash mob as the href="">d

ANTI PRIVATISATION: Waitakere Mayor reneges on water charge review


Liberating your billboard as well as your water

On 9th July 2003 Citizens Against Privatisation (C.A.P) staged a peacefuloccupation of Waitakere City Council chambers in protest at the council having reneged on an undertaking to review the user - pays policy of water charging. Mayor Bob Harvey has subsequently been reported as likening the non-violent behaviour of the protesters to that of terrorists, and been rash enough to announce that he is taking one protester to the Race Relations Tribunal for a placard slogan he alleges is offensive to holocaust survivors.

Harvey has also taken a complaint with the Race Relations Commissioner against an 83 year old activist and C.A.P for allowing the sign to be displayed at a public meeting.

An Open letter to the Waitakere City Council has been penned by a prominent Auckland activist questioning the councils decision.

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Linux penguin

March the 7th this year saw SCO Group (formally Caldera Systems) launch a 1 billion dollar lawsuit against IBM for allegedly devaluing its UNIX codebase by using code SCO says it owns in operating systems that IBM ships with their computers

Since then the lawsuit has skyrocketed to three billion with IBM and linux distributor Red Hat have filed counter suit against SCO. In turn SCO have started shipping their own href=""> UNIX licence's and have also stated that they have not ruled out suing any user of linux apart from users who have bought an official licence from SCO or are running an official version of SCO UNIX

Richard Stallman, author of the GNU General Public License was quoted in a recent zdnet article as saying "The name GNU stands for "GNU's Not Unix." The whole
point of developing the GNU system is that it is not Unix. Unix is and always
was non-free software, meaning that it denies its users the freedom to cooperate
and to control their computers. To use computers in freedom as a community, we
needed a free software operating system. We did not have the money to buy and
liberate an existing system, but we did have the skill to write a new one. Writing GNU was a monumental job."

"We did it for our freedom, and your freedom."

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FREEDOM OF SPEECH: Sherman Austin sentenced to one year in prison


Sherman Austin, webmaster of anarchist website href="">
was sentenced on August 4, 2003, to href="">one
year in federal prison , with three years of
probation. This was for providing links on the website to pages that detail how to create explosives. Judge Wilson shocked the courtroom when he
went against the recommendation of not only the
prosecution, but the FBI and the Justice Department,
who had asked that Austin be sentenced to 4 months in
prison, and 4 months in a half-way house, with 3 years
of probation.

Austin's probation stipulates, among other things,
that (1) he cannot possess or access a computer of any
kind without prior approval of his probation officer,
(2) if his probation officer gives permission, the
equipment is subject to monitoring and is subject to
search and seizure at any time, without notice, (3) he
cannot alter any of the software or hardware on any
computer he uses, (4) he must surrender his phone,
DSL, electric, and satellite bills, (5) he cannot
associate with any person or group that advocates the
use of violence to achieve environmental, social,
political, or economic change, and (6) he must pay
over $2,000 in fines and restitution. Austin must
surrender himself to the Federal Bureau of Prisons by
September 3, 2003.

For background information check out href="">What
the FBI Doesn't Want You to Know About | Or read about Sherman's case, href="">in
his own words | href="">Lady
Liberty Shot in the Foot...Again | Listen to the href="">interview
with Sherman from August 6, 2003

ITALY: FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT: Immigrants Escape from Italian Migrant Detention Centres


Three separte breakouts have occured from Italian migrant detention centres in the recent period. Last Sunday week, during an action by around 100 activists from the nearby NoBorder camp, 15
people managed to escape from detention centre
at the military airport of
Bari Palese, so far only three have been recaptured. href="">More[it] Photos href="">1 | href="">2. Around 40
detainees also attempted an escape from the Bari Palese camp some days
previously but most were recaptured and there are reports than many recieved
beatings. Activists are demanding the camp be closed especially as it is under military, not civil juristiction. About 100 people are detained in the camp.

Meanwhile in Torino href=""> 22 people escaped from a detention centre on Monday night after rioting and href="">setting fire to
matresses and other parts of the centre. So far 11 have been recaptured

Concurrently around 500 activists from Italy and around the world have
participated in a week long NoBorder camp in Puglia, southern Italy. There
participants href="">occupied a labour
office, held discussions around the href="">issues of migration and made
at the two nearby detention centres at href="">San Foca and Otranto.

In Australia, a woman asylum seeker, Roqia Bakhtiyari, in her seventh month of pregnancy is being denied visitors during her confinement in Adelaide Women's and Children's Hospital.

[ | Italy indymedia ]

ANTI-WAR: Hiroshima Day


Today marks the anniversary of the dropping of a nuclear bomb on HREF="">Hiroshima and the subsequent
bombing of Nagasaki. This day has become synonymous with peace,
and the need for a nuclear free world.

Campaign for Nuclear
will be collecting money in HREF="">Wellington today.

Peace Action Wellington are also drawing HREF="/front.php3?article_id=9639&group=
webcast">attention to the use of depleted uranium in the recent
war on Iraq, and point out "New Zealand's
participation in the occupation of Iraq, even as 'peacekeepers' or
'engineers', not only endangers the health of Defence Force personnel and
their future offspring, it also undermines our credibility as a nation
supposedly committed to a nuclear-free world."

It is crucial not to forget that many people in the Pacific are also survivors
of HREF="">nuclear aggression
in the Pacific.

There will be a number of events throughout the country, including concerts,
talks, vigils, and a lantern floating ceremony to find out more visit Peace
Movement Aotearoa's HREF="">website

It is also a day to ensure that we remember our commitment to be
Nuclear Free in 2003.

[ Discussion Space | Hiroshima Archive | Alliance for Nuclear Accountability (US) ]

GENETIC ENGINEERING: GE Free Hui begins with Public Meeting


A public meeting beginning at 6:30pm on Friday 25 July about genetic
engineering will kick of this weekend's National GE Free Strategy Hui at
Auckland's Trade Union Hall. A warm welcome is extended to all members of the public who are
interested in learning more about the issues surrounding genetic
modification of food plants, trees, viruses and animals. Workshops take
place on Saturday, 9am-late and Sunday, 9:30-4pm.

Genetically engineered trees have
been planted
in Rotorua, even before the end of the Labour
government's moratorium in October this year. Worse, in a classic case of
neo-liberal state-corporate collusion, the
government are supporting
a US case to the
World Trade Organisation, who meet
again in Mexico in September, which if it wins will force
European Union countries to accept imports of genetically engineered

Only active co-operation between all the affected communities in Aotearoa
can resist the continuing release of GMOs into our enviroment by
driven interests
. A
national hikoi against GE is already in the planning stages for October 1.

Public concern in Aoteaora is apparently overshadowed by Australia where
55% of
people will avoid knowingly buying
genetically modified food. In
August of last year
the Greens predictably celebrated the extension of the Labour government's
delaying policy against genetic engineering experiments in Aotearoa. But
even NZ
are concerned about the potential consequences when the
moratorium expires.

[ Hui Information Page |
Community Campaigning Guide (PDF) | Past Protest | Discussion space ]

GENETIC ENGINEERING: Listen up Labour - The moratorium is staying


On Friday morning culture jammers gave morning traffic at the Basin
Reserve a HREF="/front.php3?article_id=9322&group=webcast">tried
and true message about GE.

On Saturday the 19th of July over 500 people HREF="">marched
to call for the GMO moratorium to be made permanent, for the government to
withdraw support for the US government's WTO case against European
opposition to GE foodstuffs and in favour of safe and controlled lab-based

"There are too many unanswered questions regarding the threat posed by
GMOs to New Zealand's environment to end the moratorium now" said Emily
Bailey, spokesperson for the Harakeke Eco Collective.

Additional comments and press releases

[ href="">Harakeke
| GE Free NZ
| href="">Greenpeace
| Green Party
| href="">Alliance Party

RACISM: Learning to Speak About Each Other


From the newswire.

As a recent immigrant to New Zealand, I am getting used to the way
things work here. Every day, I get off the bus and walk past Winston
Peters giant sign about immigration and treaty costs. And every day, I
pick up a copy of the New Zealand Herald and read how New Zealanders
speak about each other
....[Read more]

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