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No Bail for Taame and Rangi


The Court of Appeal has declined a bail application by our freedomfighters Taame Iti and Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara. The application was heard on 3rd July and this afternoon, Judge John Wild announced that the decision will be declined.

Urewera Bail Denied


The bail application of Taame Iti and Rangi Kemara was denied by the Court of Appeal in a judgement issued today.

This from the news online:

New Zealand judicial appointments satarised


The inbred nature of New Zealand judicial appointments has been satirized into cult vernacular on the website Uncylopedia. The term "Gendall" - the surname of NZ brother jurists Warrick and David - is definedon the site as "organisms infecting the humanoid sub species of Judex Corruptus".

Report: Auckland march against asset sales


Yesterday several thousand people marched in the Aotearoa Not for Sale protest against asset sales in Auckland.

Unfortunately I got to the city late so I missed King Kapisi starting the march with an awesome free style rap.  However, once I ran up Queen St to join the march I was impressed by the size of the crowd.

Asset sales protests: wet but energetic


Despite bad weather, thousands of people protested across Aotearoa in 16 towns against the government's asset sales agenda. This is not a complete summary.

Crown cooks books to sell assets


Jordan Winiata representing Ngati Paki and Ngati Hinemanu began today’s Waitangi Tribunal hearing. The claimants today are third parties to the primary claim taken by the New Zealand Maori Council.

Oil and gas goes nation-wide


Stewart Island and Gisborne are the latest victims of the growing oil and gas industry.

You can't sell what you don't own


Today's tribunal was a stark contrast to yesterday's expert evidence. Evidence today focused on a much more fundamental premise than that explored by submitters yesterday: namely, that as far as claimants are concerned, asset sales cannot proceed because the government cannot sell what it doesn't own.

TPPWatch Bulletin #13 - 8 July 2012


Tim Groser explains the problem of excess sovereignty

Rally to protest against Housing New Zealand changes in Maraenui


Tu Tangata Maraenui, a group of Maraenui residents and supporters, is holding a rally on Thursday, 12 July, at 4 pm at the Maraenui Shopping Centre to protest against the sell-off and demolition of Housing New Zealand (HNZ) homes in Maraenui.