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Intel Agencies Method Is Madness


One may conclude the following from a study of my reports on line:

The United States government, through its intelligence agencies engages in a wholesale, unconstitutional, & inhumane program (‘P’) to silence troublemakers and suspects .1.

You know you are a Conspiracy Theorist when...


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DotCom snooping more evidence GCSB is not under control


Prime Minister Key is extremely naïve, or lying, when he says he is “shocked” by allegations that the GCSB intervened in the Dotcom case on behalf of the United States.  No Prime Minister has full control over the Government Communications Security Bureau, as David Lange acknowledged (in his foreword to Nicky Hager’s seminal 1996 book on the GCSB and its Waihopai spy base, “Secret Power”).

Building Prisons = Economic Development ?


Minister of Economic Development Steven Joyce responded to the job losses at Solid Energy and KiwiRail by saying that jobs about 1000 jobs will be created to build Wiri prison in South Auckland.

PHILIPPINES: The ghosts of martial law


On September 21, forty years ago, President Ferdinand E. Marcos declared martial law. For almost 13-and-a-half years afterwards, the country suffered terribly from a brutal and corrupt dictatorship.

Another detainee dies at Guantánamo


A Yemeni man died on 8 September in his 11th year of detention at Guantánamo. He had been held without charge or trial.

Is She Talking The Piss?


Sent today to:

Paula Bennett

Parliament Office
Private Bag 18888
Parliament Buildings

Bennett's MONSTER bill to lash out at the poor, sick and disabled


The Social Security (Benefit Categories and Work Focus) Amendment Bill 67-1

War or Peace:ethical human rights approach




War or Peace: ethical human rights approach.



Mana Otautahi endorses national day of action on welfare reforms


The Mana Otautahi (Christchurch) branch voted at their AGM on Sunday the 16th to endose the national day of action against welfare reforms taking place on October the fifth.