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Stop The Immigration Bill!


Protest against Labour's Immigration Bill.

Capital moves freely, why shouldn't workers?

Labour's Immigration Amendment Bill would allow for arbitrary and indefinite detention. While in keeping with our history of Dawn Raids and the detention of Ahmed Zaoui, this is an atrocity, condemned by the Human Rights Commission and others.

The Workers Party is preparing a submission to the UN Universal Periodic Review concerning workers' rights and this bill in particular.

The bill has not yet passed. In advance of the elections, time to make sure Labour & co know what we think of it.

WELLINGTON 12pm, Sunday 2 November

Parliament Buildings

Molesworth Street

Links: Immigration Amendment Bill: assaulting civil liberties and limiting workers’ freedom | Labour's Human Rights Nightmare | Keith Locke New Immigration Bill a bureaucrat's Paradise

Super Fund should clean out investments in nukes and plunder


National leader John Key advocates that the Super Fund invests in up to 40% New Zealand companies. A good place to start would be by cleaning out deeply unethical international investments. The Super Fund currently invests in a plethora of companies involved with environmental destruction and the production of nuclear weapons and their delivery systems.

“We have long been lobbying for the Fund to divest from US Corporation, Freeport McMoran Copper and Gold and its joint venture partner, Rio Tinto Inc because of the irreparable harm these companies are doing to the environment and the people of Indonesian controlled West Papua,” said Maire Leadbeater speaking for the Indonesian Human Rights Committee. More

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As Capitalism Crashes the Resistance Gathers: Rally Against Low Pay


The weekend before the election, join the rally for a decent minimum wage- $15ph NOW!

Saturday November 1st. 2pm Aotea Square, Queen Street, Central Auckland

In recent months, low paid people have taken strike action in casinos, banks, fastfood outlets, supermarkets and on the busses. Low pay is crippling a generation of workers who are now expected to bear the brunt of a vicious global recession.

It's time the resistance gathered.

We're not going to pay for their crisis.
We're not going to endure low pay anymore.
A new generation is going to resist the Global Recession and fight the greedy rich and their corporations.

Join the Rally Against Low Pay, and if the numbers are there, join us on an anti capitalist tour of Auckland's meanest bosses and their lackeys.

It's time to fight back as a class! [More info]

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October 15: a Horror Story


Today, Christchurch's paper, The Press has an interview with Awhitia Kohu and Moko Hillman, two Ruatoki residents terrorised by heavily armed Police during last year's October 15 raids. Neither Awhitia or Moko were arrested in the raids but they still had their house searched and were, along with their children, forced out of their homes whilst being 'painted' by rifle laser sights. The Police also searched their 15 year old daughter at gunpoint.

To quote from the article:

"At about five o'clock in the morning I heard a crash and a bang outside," said Kohu. "I went outside on my deck, through the sliding door … and I had all these little red spots all over me.

"The police were yelling out: `put your hands up'."

The red dots were the night-sights used by the police, who were armed with automatic weapons.

The article continues:

"Me and my children were escorted out onto the road. They already had dragged their father outside onto the road, and then the kids saw him getting cuffed, " Kohu said.

"They had him up against the bank and the kids are crying, carrying on, freaking, we don't know what's happening."

Hillman was taken to Rotorua for questioning.

This article should be read by everyone. It succinctly and vividly describes the terror forced on the Tuhoe people by the NZ Police. [Full article]

First Anniversary of the October 15 State Terror Raids


This morning life-sized posters of Helen Clark dressed as a 'ninja cop' appeared throughout Wellington. Today is the one year anniversary of gun-toting and armoured police terrorising people around the country in the name of terror prevention. Around 60 houses were raided at dawn, an entire community was locked down, and 17 activists were arrested on firearms charges in the NZ police's failed first attempt to use anti-terror law. [Public Art in Remembrance of 15 Oct 2007]

In Ruatoki, the community that was completely locked down and terrorised during the raids, there will four days of Stalls, Music, Movies, Activities, Art Display, Launching CD, Guest Speakers, Whakawhiti Korero, Krumping Competition, Photographs of the Raids at the Te Rewarewa Marae, Ruatoki, Te Urewera from 15th-18th October More

Auckland Come down to Aotea Square from 5:30pm tonight (October 15) for some fun and games to contrast the trauma and oppression felt on this same day a year ago. Food Not Bombs will provide food and hot drink, there will be music, and there will be mega twister! Bring your friends, family, blankets to picnic on, and all your usual banners and things if you like.

There will also be a solidarity picket outside Auckland District Court this Friday 17th October from 9.30am-10.30am. On Friday the Judge will be releasing his decision whether or not those arrested in the raids have to face trial. [More]

In Melbourne there is a picket of the NZ Consulate taking place on Wednesday October 15th at 1pm. More

Solidarity Picket for October 15th Arrestees on 17th October


9:30am-10:30am outside the Auckland District Court

Deposition hearings for the arrestees of the October 15th 'anti-terror' raids recently ended. On October 17th the judge will release his decision as to which charges will proceed to trial. The October 15th Solidarity group in Tamaki-Makaurau are calling for a morning picket to show support and solidarity for the arrestees.
We have not forgotten the state surveillance, repression, and imprisonment of Maori sovereignty activists and anarchists. We have not forgotten the racist harassment of the residents of Ruatoki. We have not forgotten the long history of colonisation, violence, and confiscation. Nor have we forgotten the indigenous struggle for self-determinatoin and resistance to the colonial state that continues to this day.

Come show your support for Tino Rangatiratanga and Te Mana Motuhake o Tuhoe. Stand in solidarity with the arrestees.

Auckland District Court 9.30am-10.30am on Friday October the 17th.

Please bring banners, placards and flags.

Ka whawhai tonu matou, ake ake ake!

Market madness: the socialist alternative


“The market isn’t functioning properly. . .” - George Bush, Sept 25

What’s behind the current woes on Wall Street? Are the problems the result of just a few greedy speculators or do they reflect deeper problems within the system? Why do all the ‘mainstream’ discussions of the problems focus on the interests of business - what about the workers? Is there an alternative that puts workers’ interests first?

If you are in Dunedin or Christchurch Come along and hear Paul Hopkinson, John Edmundson and Philip Ferguson of the Workers Party address these issues:

DUNEDIN 7.30pm, Wednesday, Oct 15

OUSA Clubs & Societies building

84 Albany Street

CHRISTCHURCH 7pm, Wednesday, October 22

Workers’ Educational Association

59 Gloucester St

One Year On: Remember the October 15 State Terror Raids


Next Wednesday marks the first anniversary of the nationwide police raids on the homes of activists from the Tino Rangatiratanga (Maori Sovereignty), anti-war, environmental and anarchist movements. The majority of the arrested activists were held in prison for nearly a month. The entire town of Ruatoki was blockaded by heavily armed police. Men, women and children were locked in freezing cold sheds for hours without charge while their houses were trashed by police.

A number of events are happening around Aotearoa to mark the anniversary of this dark day.

Saturday October 11, 11am-4pm. Garage sale and cakestall, followed by a social at the Freedom Shop to raise money for the October 15 support fund. [More]

Saturday October 11. 10am-11am. Saturday Soapbox at the Otara Markets. Guest speakers will talk (10am to 11am) about last year’s October 15 police raids on activists and the Tuhoe community. Organised by the Workers Party. [More]

Wednesday October 15. 5:30pm meet in Aotea square for fun and games to contrast the trauma and oppression felt on this same date a year ago. Food Not Bombs will provide food, there will be music, and there will be mega twister!
Organised by October 15th Solidarity [More]

15th, 16th, 17th, 18th October. Te Rewarewa Marae, Ruatoki, Te Urewera. Stalls, Music, Movies, Activities, Art Display, Launching CD, Guest Speakers, Whakawhiti Korero, Krumping Competition, Photographs of the Raids. [More]

Wednesday October 15. Protest outside NZ Consulate 1pm. [More]

Arms Traders in Balaclavas: Weapons conference resistance continues


8th October Tonight we descended on the weapons conference delegates as they were entering the duxton hotel on wakefield street, wellington for the ‘Minister of Defence awards for excellence’ and gala dinner (one presumes, covered in a nice bloody sauce). Their composure was disrupted with shouts, screams, drums and general noise. Food not bombs served up a tasty soup, delicious dumpstered bananas and bread to keep us going for 2 hours.

The duxton hotel has been surrounded by poolice and provision security scum for two days. They have gone to extreme lengths to keep the conference secret and to keep disruption to a minimum. The police were inside and outside the hotel, filming people from cars and on foot. Provision security were also using film and video cameras to record events. One suit-wearing scumbag quickly donned a balaclava in order to avoid being filmed by us, while another was forced out of the lift as he tried to hide from people. [More]

Weapons Conference starts in Wellington 7th October


The New Zealand Defence Industry Association Forum, otherwise known as the Weapons Conference, starts in Wellington on 7th October 2008 at the Duxton Hotel in Wellington. We will be assembling at the Duxton at 9am (7th October 2008) for a protest. [ More ]

At this conference New Zealand and overseas companies showcase wares developed for military use and multinational weapons manufacturers network about new technology and lucrative contracts. Representatives from corporations such as Lockheed Martin, manufacturer of a wide range of weapons and missile systems, are in attendance. Also in attendence will be US company Cubic Defense, who now owns infamous (ex) NZ Company Oscmar, who supply military technology to Indonesia and Israel (among many others).

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