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Crisis in Thailand - a Marxist view


Thailand is currently in crisis, with a deformed expression of class struggle occurring between one side that wears yellow shirts and another that wears red. How can we make sense of this situation, and what is the way forward for those of us interested in the interests of the poor and working class? John Moore, formerly a resident in Thailand, and now a Workers Party activist, argues that the Thai working class is a mass force that has yet to roar, but that the small radical element amongst them shouldn’t ‘give up the bullet for the ballot’ to reform Thai society through the Thai capitalist state.

Links: Thailand: Anti-government PAD Thugs Want Dictatorship to Replace Democracy | Thailand: A second `coup for the rich'

Climate Global Day of Action: Auckland demonstration against Kwila


"Western demand for kwila is not only killing the forests, it is also killing our people. The forest is seen as our mother, which provides us with food, water and shelter - and when that is taken away, our people lose everything."

Saturday 06 December 2008
13:00pm - 15:00pm
Design Warehouse
136 Fanshawe Street

email aspaceinside (at) for more info.

This summer a rag-tag bunch of activists will attempt to impose a people's ban on the selling of Kwila in Auckland City, a mostly illegally logged rainforest hardwood sold across the Western world as outdoor furniture or decking timber.

We are launching our campaign on Saturday December 6th, a Global Day of Action on Climate Change. We will be holding a protest outside Design Warehouse, 136 Fanshawe Street, a major seller of Kwila Furniture.

Come along and be part of the global movement against climate change and ecological destruction. [More]

Auckland Forum: The Politics of Third World Mining


GPJA FORUM – THE POLITICS OF THIRD WORLD MINING. Monday, December 1, 2008. 7:30pm Trades Hall 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

Speakers include:

Maire Leadbeater, human rights activist, will talk about the struggle for self-determination in West Papua and the impact of the Freeport mine operations, December 1st is the day the local people raise the West Papuan flag in defiance of their Indonesian occupiers who have banned the flag raising ceremonies in West Papua.

Joe Hendren, New Zealand trade union activist recently returned from the Philippines will talk about how the intensification of transnational owned mining is threatening the environment and local communities.

In particular he will look at Oceania Gold Mining in Nueva Vizcaya Philippines. Oceania Gold Mining is an Australian NZ Gold Mining Company, with mines in NZ in Macrae and Reefton. It has members of the board of Directors in Auckland and is financed by the ANZ and the HSBC banks. There is currently a campaign lead by local indigenous communities to close the Mine and they are seeking assistance in doing so from activists here.

Links: Peition against Oceania Gold Mine | Filipino Migrants Question ANZ Bank's Ethics | West Papuan Guerillas Demand Closure of Freeport Mine | Demo Against NZ Superfund Investments in Freeport | Papuan Tribal Chief to Sue Freeport

Hamilton Bus Drivers Locked Out: Support Needed!


The Hamilton bus company Go Bus has locked out 50 drivers after they took strike action for 24 hours, and were planning a fare strike on return to work.

Fare strikes have seldom been used in New Zealand, but they are a creative form of industrial action that can build public support while putting direct economic pressure on the company.

The company imposed a lockout once it heard a fare strike was likely and has kept the workers locked out despite the drivers withdrawing their notice of a fare strike. The drivers are paid $13.50 an hour and are seeking an increase to $16 an hour.

The drivers’ pay is well below a living wage. The Council of Trade Unions is advocating a minimum wage of $16.30, as that is two-thirds of the average wage.

Support the locked out bus drivers: gather at the Transport Centre in Hamilton at 9.30am Monday 24 November.

Links: NDU Press Release | Workers Party Release | article | September 2008 300 Welly Bus Drivers Locked Out

Big Polluter Solid Energy Welcomes Public to AGM


On Nov 13th the NZ Herald revealed that State Owned Enterprise Solid Energy, the coal mining company at the forefront of environmentalist's climate change campaigns, has decided to invite all of it's shareholders to a public annual meeting - all 4.3 million of us.

It is unheard of for a New Zealand SOE to make their meetings public and some would suggest it is an attempt to gain the moral high ground after heavy criticism from environmental groups, a high rate of work-related accidents recently, and bad publicity last year from hiring private investigators to spy on activists. [More]

The AGM will held on Monday 24 November at 11:15am at the Langham Hotel in Central Auckland. Solid Energy asks those wanting to attend to RSVP for catering purposes. [AGM Details]

Aceh Human Rights Lawyer and Peace Activist Visiting Aotearoa


This coming week Afridal Darmi, the director of the important human rights group LBH Aceh, will be speaking in Auckland and Wellington. Aceh is a province of Indonesia that has suffered greatly at the hands of the Indonesian Military. Between 1976 and 2005 the Indonesian Military raged a vicious counter-insurgency campaign against rebels fighting for independence, around 10,000 civilians were killed.

LBH Aceh is one of the leading human rights organisations in the province of Aceh and had a key play role to provide legal assistance to the community during the conflict when the central government deemed Aceh to be a military operation area in 1990s and imposed martial law in 2003. Mr Darmi's organisation also provided support to Acehenese victims of the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami.

Auckland: Wednesday 26 November, 2008 7-30 pm. Supper Room Trades Hall 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn. Hosted by the Indonesia Human Rights Committee.

Wellington: Thursday November 27th
1 - 2pm. More Details

David Rovics and Alistair Hulett - Aotearoa Tour Starts Tonight


David Rovics tour of New Zealand with Alistair Hulett begins today! Visit Flying Piglets' website for dates and info.

David Rovics is an indie singer/songwriter and grassroots political protestor from the United States. His music is most accurately described as protest-folk and concerns topical subjects such as the 2003 Iraq war, anti-globalisation and social justice issues. Rovics is an outspoken critic of not only George W. Bush and the Republican Party, but also figures like John Kerry and the Democratic Party as a whole. He is vocal on these subjects on stage, radio shows and in press releases.

Friday 14 November Katikati Folk Club, Katikati
Monday 17 November Devonport Folk Club, Auckland
Wednesday 19 November Lepperton Bowling Club, Taranaki
Friday 21 November Pukehou, Hawkes Bay
Saturday 22 November Rose Bowl Festival, Hamilton
Sunday 23 November Acoustic Routes, Wellington
Wed 26 November New Edinburgh Folk Club, Dunedin
Fri 28 November The Mussel Inn, Golden Bay
Sat 29 November Nelson Folk Club, Nelson
Sunday 30 November Christchurch Folk Club, The Commerce Club, 277 Kilmore Street, Christchurch

'Black Tuesday' and the Waihi Strike — November 12, 1912.


Below is the text of a poster created by the Garage Collective to mark the anniversary of 'Black Tuesday'.

"AOTEAROA / NEW ZEALAND On Black Tuesday — November 12th, 1912 — the New Zealand Police and their ‘organised thugs’ stormed the Miners Workers Union Hall, stronghold of Waihi unionists on strike against the existence of a rival union, believed by many to have been assisted by the Waihi Gold Mining Company.

Frederick George Evans was beaten to the ground by a policeman and left to die in the local police cell — resulting in New Zealand’s first official death during an industrial dispute and effectively ending the Waihi Strike. Loyal unionists, women and children were then rounded up and driven out of Waihi by ‘scabs’ while police looked on and did nothing."


Capitalism isn't in crisis; capitalism IS crisis!


On 15 November, the 20 richest nations will convene in Washington DC to try to put the financial meltdown behind them and repair the international capitalist system. Protests are planned in the streets of Washington against capitalism. On the same day, the biggest Swiss trade unions, along with a coalition of left-wing groups, are moblising against the government's bailout of the United Bank of Switzerland. "Capitalism has existed for a few centuries and has again reached a historic point. Similar crisis in the last century ended in two world wars with millions dead. War as a way out of this crisis has once again come into the centre of capitalist politics. Capitalism, along with the bourgeois state, are to be abolished!"

Socialist Aotearoa (SA) writes: "The International Financial Crisis applies everywhere - in Ireland they're sacking teachers, cutting health care to the over 70s, introducing fees for 3rd Level. When it hits, this crisis is going to rip through NZ and the poor are going to be hammered by National-ACT - we're going to need hardcore fighters for the next 3 years of shit." With the election of a new government, SA calls on the radical left to join forces in the fight against Key and Hide. "What we need now is a combative, homegrown Anti Capitalist movement." [ More ]

Links: Global day of action November 15th | The biggest ‘october surprise’ of all: a world capitalist crash | UK Indymedia | schNEWS

Auckland Anarchist Assembly: Focus on Prisoners - Nov 13


Auckland Anarchist Assembly -Focus on Prisoners
They're in there for us - We're out here for them

Thursday, November 13, 2008
6:30pm - 8:30pm

City Side Church
8 Mt Eden Rd
aspaceinside (at)

It's too easy to forget the thousands of political prisoners across the planet. Ordinary people who stood up against injustice prepared to break the law and activists framed by the state. they deserve our support.

This months Anarchist Assembly will focus on the plight of political prisoners such as Rod Coronado, Jeff Luers, Mumia Abu Jamal.

Short films and presentations will be given followed by a letter writing session.

Don't forget- They're in there for us - We're out here for them