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Police Charge Christchurch Louise Nicholas Supporters


Police in Christchurch have laid charges against two supporters of Louise Nicholas. Frances Martin and Daniel Rae, who both face a charge of breaching suppression orders, don't deny handing out fliers containing suppressed information but say their act was necessary after the justice system failed rape survivor Louise Nicholas.

Convicted Rapists Aquitted in Louise Nicholas Case


This morning a group of women handed out over a thousand leaflets at the Wellington Railway Station informing commuters about information suppressed - and still suppressed - in the Louise Nicholas police rape case.

Brad Shipton and Bob Schollum, who were aquitted of rape along with Clint Rickards, have both been previously convicted of the rape of another woman in a similar trial last year. This information was suppressed during the Louise Nicholas trial and is still suppressed; there is a possibility this is because other charges against the same men are still pending.

It is unsure at this point if charges will be made against those who handed out the leaflets.

A dozen women protested at open day of the Royal New Zealand Police College on Saturday unfurling banners such as "We believe you Louise Nicholas" and "Cops Rape".

The week G8 my life


This is a day by day account of my time at the anti-G8 protests in Scotland earlier this month. I just wanted to share my personal account and feelings of that time with New Zealanders and others and give a bit of an insight as to what it was actually like (nothing like the papers reported it I'm sure!). Sorry its very long and a bit ranty, if you only be bothered reading a bit then skip to Tuesday and Wednesday.

WORKERS CHARTER Movement formed in Auckland


A Workers Charter movement was founded in Auckland on 2 July by 50 activists, with 20 more sending their support.

Coming from an array of left groups, workers' unions and social movements, they were united in their desire to give workers a political voice.

West Papuan Activist John Rumbiak speaking at Public Meetings!


West Papuan activist John Rumbiak is visiting New Zealand to publicise the Indonesian military repression of West Papuans. He is going to be speaking at a series of public meetings. West Papua is facing the same repression East Timor used to face.

Obituary: Gaye Dyson


I just heard tonight that Gaye Dyson died recently of breast cancer and that her funeral took place near Wellington in the last couple of days. I don't know any more details yet but I feel moved to pay tribute to my friend and sister-in-activism.

Sky City Workers Win


Workers at Auckland’s Sky City casino have won a pay increase and a number of other demands after a campaign which culminated in a short strike and a mass picket. This victory has opened up the possibility of fighting for a MECA (multi-employer contract agreement) covering all the casino workers in Aotearoa.

Hamilton Group Opens Media Activist Space


A collective of Waikato artists and activists have come together to open a free media workshop in downtown Hamilton under the working name 'the Commons'.

Manufacturing Closures: A Race to the Bottom


The Sunbeam Corp factory in Palmerston North is closing after over 20 years production in Palmerston North. The seasonal staff will finish their season on June 25th and the plant will close shortly after. 122 workers are being made redundant and 34 of them are permanent staff.