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Auckland: Emergency Protest against G20


Update 12:23pm Thursday Demonstration is defintely on tonight. A protester has died in London. AAP Report | AP/Reuters report

In the event of police riots and mass arrests against the Anti Capitalist protests in London, Socialist Aotearoa will be taking action at the British Consulate in Auckland at 5.30pm. Thursday 2nd April
txt 021 1861450 for updates.

Please spread the word through union, college and group networks. Bring banners and flags.

The British Consulate is located at Level 17
151 Queen Street, Auckland, Auckland 1010.

Potroast: New Literary Zine being launched this Thursday


Come celebrate the public release of our inaugural issue of Potroast, a new literary zine that brings together the talents of emerging writers, poets and artists!

Only 100 copies have been printed, so do come along and get your copy before they all go!

Drinks will be provided :) All welcome!

Thursday, April 2, 2009
6:00pm - 7:30pm
George Fraser Gallery
25a Princes Street
Auckland, New Zealand

For more info on Potroast please email the editor Ya-Wen at

Auckland Forum: Five Years of UN Sponsored Terror In Haiti


Monday, April 6, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn.

April Global Peace and Justice Auckland (GPJA) forum: Haiti today: five years of UN sponsored military occupation brings disaster.

In February, 2004, the elected president and government of Haiti were overthrown by a right-wing paramilitary rebellion backed by troops from the United States, France and Canada. A foreign-appointed, regime of human rights violations ruled Haiti for the two years that followed. An electedgovernment has ruled Haiti since early 2006.

But the real power is held by a 10,000-member, UN-sponsored military occupation regime. Poverty, human rights violations and environmental degradation are worsening dramatically in a country that was already the poorest in the Americas. Hear: Roger Annis, a coordinator of the Canada Haiti Action Netowrk and participant in a human rights factfindingmission to Haiti in August 2007.

Links: Canada Haiti Action | Book Review Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment

Call centre workers stand strong against lock out and nuclear ship visits


50 Unite Union members at the OCIS call centre stood strong on Friday night after their employer locked them out. The lock out came after three weeks of wildcat strike action by workers. Small groups of, nearly all teenaged, interviewers and supervisors had been regularly walking off shift, especially during unpopular weekend shifts. Scuffles broke out and the police turned up Friday night as officials and members attempted to rush the door to the call centre.

The lock out followed the first ever general stop work meeting of market researchers where union delegates from across Auckland and Hamilton and a represenative from the National Union of Workers in Australia voted for united action against OCIS for attempting to win $30,000 in damages from the union. The damages were for, among other things, Unite calling OCIS a shadowy multinational.

By Saturday afternoon the lock out was over after a settlement was reached that included: higher rates of pay, better job security and payments to locked out union members equal in value to the amount lost as a result of the lock out. As part of retaliation for the lock out the union had released information that members had been doing secret research on whether the public wants the return of nuclear ship visits.

Saturday morning also saw Unite union housekeeping staff at Crowne Plaza walk out to teach their bosses a lesson.

Capitalism isn't Working: Socialist Aotearoa Forum at Auckland Uni


Socialist Aotearoa gathers activists from the unions, movements and the anti capitalist left to discuss the twin evils of economic and climate crisis, and why we must move beyond capitalism as an outdated and failed economic system.

The workshop will be divided into a number of phases, discussing:
(a) marxist theory on the economic crisis
(b) strategies to build a combative anti capitalist movement
(c) what kind of socialist organisation, what kind of socialist society?

Thursday, March 26, 2009. 7:00pm - 9:30pm. Algie Lecture Theatre, University of Auckland Law School. Walk down the path from Waterloo Quadrant

Socialist Aotearoa

Auckland Forum on West Papua


From the Global Peace and Justice Auckland (GPJA) newsletter

This Monday we have a special forum organised with the Indonesia Human Rights Committee (IHRC) and Pax Christi. "Can West Papua become a Land of Peace?" How can we work together to protect the people, their forests and their resources? Hear Dr Neles Tebay, lecturer at the Fajar Timur School of Philosophy and Theology in Abepura, West Papua.

Catholic Priest Neles Tebay is an outspoken critic of militarisation and a passionate advocate for peace, human rights and the preservation of West Papua’s ancient forests. All welcome.

Trades Hall Supper Room, 147 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn. Monday, 23 March 2009, 7.30 pm

Please contact: IHRC: Box 68-419 Auckland GPJA: Pax Christi:

NZ military building paint bombed - Navy to sink itself?


"In the early hours this morning [20th March 2009], we paint bombed a NZ military building on Great North road Auckland. This action was taken to mark the sixth anniversary of the start of the Iraq war. Since the beginning of the US assault on Iraq, 1 million civilians have died. This was a small action to commemorate and stand in solidarity with those who have resisted and suffered at the hands of imperialism across the globe. The splatters of red paint on the windows symbolise a tear drop in the ocean of blood that has been shed during the war." [ More ]

Meanwhile, New Zealand Navy chief Rear Admiral David Ledson thinks that "[i]n the near waters, the most significant security threat relates to the ocean itself". He was asked by the United States Naval Institute to identify the most significant maritime security threat facing his nation. "I have found it a challenge to get my head around providing a useful answer."

He reckoned the navy needs to fill in "knowledge gaps” by carrying out scientific research, something not usually requiring ships with armour, expensive firepower and defence systems." [ More ]

Christchurch and Auckland Actions Against National's Attacks on Workers


Yesterday protest actions against the National led government's attacks on workers happened in both Christchurch and Auckland.

In Christchurch 30 people held an afternoon picket outside the office of National MP Nicky Wagner to protest the new 90 day probation law. This law change means that all workers in small firms can be fired in the first 90 days of employment with no reason given by the employer. [Report and Pictures]

Meanwhile in Manukau City 30 anti-capitalists demonstrated outside John Key's 'Jobs Summit', an elite gathering of 200 bankers, big business CEOs, politicians and union bosses to discuss the financial crisis.

One of demonstrators wrote: 'It is hard to begin to explain why we were their but as someone that has lived most of my life in South Auckland the sheer insult of 200 mostly white, mostly male rich business owners meeting in the heart of Manukau to decide the fate of the workers around them speaks volumes. [Report: Protest against Key's Jobs summit]

The protest demanded that there be no cuts to workers' wages, conditions and public services, such as health, education and welfare in response to the capitalist crisis. [ Photos from today's 'Jobs Summit']

'There were some angry exchanges between the protestors and Rodney Hide, some of NZ’s 200 top CEOs and leading bankers, whilst John Key was spirited away without running the red flagged gauntlet.' [Socialist Aotearoa report]

Greedy Rich Demand Bailout for their Crisis

McDonalds Workers Upsize Their Pay


After a series of strikes, Unite union members at McDonald’s restaurants have a new collective agreement with improved wages and conditions. Their actions included 50 strikes in dozens of stores from Whangarei to Hamilton and a protest outside the company’s national conference. There was a real fighting spirit at several stores, and the vote to settle was only passed by a narrow majority.

Improvements won include a one-off bonus payment, and significant pay rises for team leaders and supervisors. Staff are to have more secure hours, which was one of the union’s key claims. When additional work hours are available they will be offered to existing staff, instead of more part-time or casualised positions being created.

While the agreement has been settled, the campaign is not over. The starting rates for frontline staff are linked to the minimum wage. So if the minimum wage, which is currently $12 an hour, goes up in March, then so too will their wages. Unite is campaigning for the minimum wage to go up by a dollar an hour every year until it reaches $15.

Links: Unite Union | Workers Party

Remember the Victims of the Bush Regime: Auckland Candlelight Vigil


On the last day of Bush's reign of Terror, we gather outside the US Consulate in Auckland to remember the victims of his wars and occupations, and stand in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan, Iraq, the Philippines, Colombia and Palestine.

Poetry, song and art of resistance.

Bring candles, shoes, flags and friends. Please invite all your friends and spread the word.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009
8:00pm - 10:00pm
US Consulate, Customs Steet, Downtown Auckland

Contact Joe from Socialist Aotearoa for more info 0211861450 or