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Prisoner protest at Paremoremo


Two prisoners have been conducting a protest at Paremoremo prison for two days. They scaled a disused watchtower in the prison yard and have barricaded themselves in. They have been there now for two nights. The two have communicated with 'corrections' staff by writing in toothpaste on the window saying that they are conducting a peaceful protest over prison conditions and wish to speak to prisoner rights campaigner, Peter Williams.

Government exercising its barriers


Today was the culmination of an eight week long exercise by 18 government agencies named “Exercise Barrier 2012”. The purpose was to “make sure New Zealand is fully prepared to respond to a mass arrival by sea of potentially illegal immigrants”, according to Immigration Minister Nathan Guy. The exercise involved 100 actors, hired to pretend to be refugees who arrived at the Devonport Naval base. The exercise cost around $200,000.

Anti-Marines Protests in Wellington


DescriptionThere were two anti-US Marine Corp protests in Wellington on Thursday. The first was at the National War memorial on Buckle Street. The 70th anniversary of the US Marine Corp arrival in NZ was the ostensible reason for all of these public pro-war propaganda events. A group of people including members of the Concerned Citizens collective, Peace Action Wellington and the Catholic Workers staged a picket at the war memorial. Concerned citizen’s member Murdoch Stephens laid a wreath for the victims of war who had been ignored.

The Prime Minister, Governor-General Jerry Mataparae, US Ambassador David Huebner, head of the RSA, David Shearer and ex-Labour leader Phil Goff were all there to show their devotion to the US imperial killing mission.

When Key, Mataparae and Huebner appeared after the ceremony, they were all verbally confronted by a person who was picketing with the group. Goff was also harassed as the person who initiated New Zealand’s involvement in the now 11 year deployment to Afghanistan where an estimated 30,000 people have been killed. 

The second anti-war event was at Parliament in the evening. Some photos and information can be found here:

Economic Exclusive Zone (EEZ) - Stop the drilling


DescriptionThe Government is currently asking for public submissions on the types of activities that should be permitted within New Zealand's coastal waters, and the regulations needed for those that are. These activities would include deep sea oil drilling and seabed mining.There is opposition to drilling all around Aotearoa. Last year's Rena oil spill has made it clear that the government is not capable of dealing with a spill.

Greenpeace has set up an easy to use submission form online so you can tell the government that no amount of legislation or regulation can keep us safe from the risk of a massive oil spill.

LINKS: Greenpeace Submission Form | Ministry 'for' the Environment | Harawira 'apology'

Aotearoa is not for sale - Taame and Rangi out of jail!


DescriptionOn Monday, October 15th 2007, more than 300 police carried out dawn raids on dozens of houses all over Aotearoa / New Zealand. Police claim the raids were in response to 'concrete terrorist threats' from indigenous activists. What initially started with 20 defendants resulted in the trial of four - Taame, Emily, Rangi and Urs - which concluded on 20 March 2012.

The trial lasted for 5 weeks and resulted in a hung jury on the most serious charge of 'participation in an organised criminal group' (Sec 98a of the Crimes Act). The crown has decided not to seek a retrial on this charge. On 24 May, the four were sentenced on firearms charges. Taame and Rangi have been sentenced to a term of imprisonment of 2.5 years. The sentence for Urs and Emily is 9 months home detention; their sentencing has been adjourned until 21 June in order that arrangements for electronic monitoring can be made.

Write to Taame and Rangi - letters addressed to Taame Iti or Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara at

Te Rangikaiwhiria Kemara #80192504
Springhill Prison
Private bag 503
Huntly 3740

Taame Iti #84563
Waikeria Prison
Private Bag 2400
Te Awamutu 3840

Please feel free to send messages to Taame or Rangi by emailing All emails will be printed off and sent to them.

Urewera 4 trial starts Monday


Tena koutou,

this is the last newsletter before the trial against Taame, Emily, Rangi and Urs gets underway in the Auckland High Court on Monday, 13th February 2012. The trial is expected to last up to three months. In this jam-packed newsletter, we have put together information about the defendants and the people who want to lock them up, last minute updates on upcoming events (there is a powhiri at Waipapa Marae (16 Wynyard Street, Auckland Uni) this Sunday at 5pm for the defendants and supporters) and reflecting on the past 4.5 years.

Now is the time to stand in solidarity with the defendants who are facing long prison sentences and expose the police racism and state terrorism. Our friends are not terrorists, nor are they criminals. They are committed to the liberation struggle - FREE THE UREWERA 4!

There is a Facebook page ( and group ( and a Twitter feed (@oct15solidarity) to keep you up to date.

See you in Auckland.

Occupy Christchurch – After the Tents Come Down


For almost three months over a hundred people slept in tents in South Hagley Park in solidairy with occupations around the world and to highlight the massive wealth inequality that exists in this society and the problems that result from that.


Against conspiracy theories: Why our activism must be based in reality


The text of a talk given at Occupy Wellington, New Zealand, on October 27 2011. Around 55 people attended the talk, organised to try to counter the prevalence of conspiracy theories amongst the local wing of the Occupy movement.

Occupy Movement Digs in Around Aotearoa


Update 01/11/2011: Photos below are from the pot-luck picnic at Occupy Christchurch on Sunday 30 Nov. See also More Photos from Occupations in Aotearoa

Labour Day is the next focus for at least two of the occupations around Aotearoa which joined the Occupy Together movement on the Global Day of Action, October 15. Occupy Wellington are planning a day of activities, as are Occupy Christchurch.

Occupations are currently underway in at least 6 centres; Auckland, New Plymouth, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin and Invercargill. Harsh weather and internet trolling have failed to keep the occupations from being supported, and many of them are actively growing and developing every day. Response from corporate media has been mixed, mostly following the same pattern as Occupy Wall St, which was initially presented as an incoherent, disorganised rabble - amusing but impotent. But after more than a month, and with occupations spreading across the USA and the world, the concerns of the 99% are starting to break the corporate media blockade.

Online there seem to be two main responses; the predictable "why don't they get a job" and "how dare they use public space in unusual ways" comments, and others expressing support, and encouragement. Photos, videos, and blog posts about the occupations abound, many of which can be found by scraping the FaceBook pages for the various Occupy groups.

Real Life on the DPB


This interview with Kaye Richards looks at what it's like to live on the smell of an oily rag. 'Just about everything that isn’t nailed down goes on Trade Me and that sometimes makes the difference between paying rent or not.Interview with Kaye Richards

AWSM: Let’s start with a bit of background information. Can you tell us who you are?

Kaye: My name is Kaye Richards. I’m 40 and a solo mum living in Naenae, Lower Hutt.

AWSM: Where did you grow up? What was it like?

Kaye: I mostly grew up going back and forth between Wellington and Palmerston North because of my father’s jobs. We weren’t a rich family but we weren’t extremely poor either. We always had stuff to eat, clothes and heat, you know.