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Auckland Public Debate: Privatisation of Prisons


Monday, May 4, 7.30pm, Trades Hall, 147 Great North Road, Grey Lynn

GPJA's invited line-up was:

For: Judith Collins (Minister of Corrections) Hone Harawira (Maori Party MP)

Against: Brett Collins (Justice Action Australia) Metiria Turei (Green Party MP)

Chair: John Minto

Hone Harawira has yet to reply. Minister Collins declined the challenge fast and has not yet supplied a substitute.

Metiria Turei responded: Absolutely! Brett Collins, expatriate Kiwi, ex-prisoner, an activist and educator who has represented prisoners’ interests nationally and internationally for over thirty years - a co-ordinator for Justice Action (JA) and a spokesperson for the Prisoners Action Group - who'll travel from Sydney, said: Are you sure that someone will take the affirmative?

Don't miss this urgent public debate.

Links: Tapu Misa: Is privatising jails really worth the risk? | Justice Action Australia Submissions to the Law & Order Select Committee on the Bill to privatise NZ jails close in only one month's time - on Friday May 22 | Justice Action's Submission to NZ Parliament

May Day March Tomorrow in Auckland


Tomorrow (May 1st) is International Workers Day, otherwise known as May Day. May Day was first marked to commemorate the May 1886 Haymarket Massacre in Chicago, USA, when the police shot dead many striking workers.

Since then every May 1st workers, unionists and leftist political activists have held marches to celebrate workers' struggles for jusice and equality around the World.

Tomorrow's march in Auckland starts at 5:30pm at Britomart (bottom of Queen Street).

A number of trade unions and left groups will be taking part.

Socialist Aotearoa will be marching to demand full equality for migrant workers, higher wages and lower prices and solidarity with the oppressed people of Palestine and Tamil Eelam.

Parihaka Climate Camp Starts Friday!


Right now people are coming together to tackle the crisis of climate change by creating a Climate Camp in New Zealand – to explore the problems and challenges we face, to share ideas, skills, education, enthusiasm and most importantly to act now!

The camp is not just a single event. It’s part of an ever growing movement of diverse people who are alive to the fact that radical changes are essential and are making them happen.

It is not about the experts, nor the governments, but about us. The necessary solutions already exist; we just need to put them into practice.

A three day Aotearoa Climate Camp is starting this Friday the 24th of April, at Parihaka, Taranaki

For Details on registration see here

Reggae for Blair Peach: Remembering a kiwi socialist and anti-fascist murdered by the British Police


Thursday April 23rd 2009 marks the 30th anniversary of the murder of Blair Peach at the hands of London's Metropolitan Police. Blair was a revolutionary socialist and member of the Socialist Workers Party, and was an activist with the Anti Nazi League opposing the rise of the National Front when he was killed on an anti-fascist demonstration in Southall. To this day, no one has been brought to justice for his death.

Socialist Aotearoa is hosting a night of music, poetry and talks to celebrate Blair's life, and to build support in New Zealand for the campaign to expose his killers.

Come to Reggae for Blair Peach,
Tom Forde's Bar,
122 Anzac Avenue, Auckland
8pm Thursday April 23rd, 2009

Abel Paz - Hasta siempre compañero!


Spanish anarchist Abel Paz, who fought in the Spanish Civil War and was the author of Durruti: the People Armed, died in hospital in Barcelona on 13 April 2009 aged 87. He was born in Almería in 1921, and moved with his family to Barcelona in 1929. In 1935 he started work in the textile industry and joined the Confederación Nacional del Trabajo (CNT).

In July 1936, with the start of the Spanish Civil War and Spanish revolution he joined the anarchist Durruti Column. As well as fighting on the Aragon front, he fought in the Barcelona May Events of 1937.

After the fall of Catalonia in January 1939, he went into exile in France, where he was interned. During the 1940s he fought both in the French resistance to Hitler and the Spanish Anarchist resistance to Franco.

Links: CNT | Libcom | IMC Barcelona | wikipedia

El Caracazo (docodrama about the massacre of protesters in Venezuela in 1989)


DOCODRAMA EL CARACAZO for first time in NZ
with English Subtitles-about the birth of the Bolivarian Revolution

This friday there will be the premiere of the Docodrama EL CARACAZO, about the events that lead to the massacre of protesters in venezuela in 1989 and the birth of the Bolivarian movement.

Friday April 17th
Latinamerican Cultural Centre
37 Selwyn St,ONEHUNGA,Auckland


Day Four of Synovate Lockout: Workers Stay Strong


Thirty workers from Synovate's Highland Park call centre have been locked out since Friday for simply demanding a 50 cent an hour pay rise and secure hours. The British multinational has told the workers if they want to return to work they must either accept a tiny pay increase or quit the union.

This week there will be a number of actions to support the workers.


10 am Tuesday 13th April (tomorrow). Flying picket outside Synovate's clients in central Auckland, including banks and the Ministry of Social Development. Meet 10am outside Unite House 300 Queen Street.

Thursday April 16th Fundraising video screening of classic union film Matewan 8pm, Tom Fordes Bar, 22 Anzac Avenue, Central Auckland. Organised by Socialist Aotearoa. All proceeds given to workers[More info]


Tuesday 13th April. Picket outside the Ministry of Social Development, one of Synovate's big clients. Bowen Street, Wellington.

Melbourne, Australia

Picket Medibank Private. 1pm Tuesday April 14 outside 459 Collins Street Melbourne.

Details for Unite's bank accounts for donations to workers

Obama vs Malcolm X: Ideological Heavyweight Match


War, racism and poverty- we contrast the politics of Barrack Obama with the revolutionary message of Malcolm X. Workshop that starts with a presentation from American socialist Robin Taylor.

Thursday, April 9, 2009
7:30pm - 9:30pm

Auckland University Law dept
Waterloo Quadrant

More info

Meet, gather, converge - April 2009 is the conference month!


Over the next fews weeks, several conferences will take place across Aotearoa. Here is a, hopefully complete, list. See you around…

  • National Anarcha-feminist Hui
    "This year's anarcha-feminist weekend will be held in Swanson at Karanga Camp, from the evening of Friday 10th of April to midday Monday 13th of April. This hui will be a mixture of discussions and workshops related to anarcha-feminism." Email feministmafia (at) to register - more info here!
  • Conference on anarchist organising
    The Wildcat Anarchist Collective is organising a two-day event (18/19 April) in Wellington focusing on the essentials of anarchist principles and practice: Anarchist principles and their consequences for organising; how collectives work and why anarchists work collectively; meetings, facilitation and communication; mutual aid and organising within and against capitalism. Email wellywildcats (at) for more information - the draft agena is here!
  • Climate Camp Gathering
    "Building a peoples movement that actively addresses the root causes of Climate Change" - that's what the climate camp is all about. An organising gathering will be held at Parihaka (Taranaki) 24-26 April. Email climatecampnz (at) if you are interested and register here.
  • Aotearoa Indymedia Conference
  • Indymedia-istas will be meeting in Auckland for the 4th Aotearoa Indymedia Conference. The dates are 1-3 May, venue tbc. There is an organising wiki here and more discussion will take place on the imc-aotearoa email list over the next couple if weeks.

Otaraua Hapu occupation of mine reaches 17 days


The Taranaki hapu of Otaraua have been holding their ground near Waitara for 17 days now while the Greymouth Petroleum Co still refuses to meet with them on site. Production has been completely stopped in the meantime. About 50 protesters blockaded the gate entrance to the wellsite on Ngatimaru Rd at Tikorangi on March 22nd, in an attempt to stop preparations for drilling through their Tikorangi/Awatetake Pa. [ More ]

The hillside pa contains precious natural water springs that feed the neighbouring people and are used for various traditional ceremonies. The pa was once home to Otaraua ancestors with urupa/burial grounds and remains of habitation still present. The land is currently leased to a neighbouring farmer however the government claims under the Crown Minerals Act to own all land to a certain depth under the ground, which therefor allowed the mining permit given to Greymouth Petroleum Co. [ More ]