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New student production: CHANNEL 99

17 Oct

The highly talented Year 13 drama class at Western Springs College is now in rehearsals for Channel 99, a new comedy written and directed by award-winning playwright Joey Moncarz. 


The play takes place in a television news studio in New York City where a news anchorwoman is hosting five heads of state.  But instead of interviewing them, she and two friends take them hostage and put them on trial on live television.  The fictional leaders are from New Zealand, the United States, China, India and Russia.  The play balances absurdity and laughs with a powerful political commentary that is sure to be controversial – as it highlights the rampant corruption, human rights abuses and ecological destruction being ignored by world leaders.


Writer Joey Moncarz won Playmarket’s 2011 Plays for the Young Award for Another Stupid Wall, a comedy which deals with the Palestine-Israel conflict.  Channel 99 has just been shortlisted for the 2012 award and is awaiting the final results.


Channel 99 will be performed October 17-20 at TAPAC at Western Springs College, Western Springs, Auckland.  Shows start at 7:00.  Tickets are $5 general admission and $3 concessions.


For ticket information contact Barnaby James at 815 6730, ext. 735 and leave a message.


This sounds cool

Hey! Is this a musical? :D Is the boy from West Side gonna be in it? :D

It's not a musical, but there

It's not a musical, but there is good music!  Several of the cast from West Side will be in this - all Year 13 actors.