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10 years too long – 10 deaths too many - Bring New Zealand troops home from Afghanistan

26 Aug

10 years too long – 10 deaths too many - Bring New Zealand troops home from Afghanistan

Global Peace and Justice Auckland is organising a protest outside the Defence Force Army Centre at 204 Great North Road, Grey Lynn from 12 noon this Sunday 26th August to call for New Zealand troops to be brought home from Afghanistan where five have been killed in the past three weeks for no material purpose.

From GPJA’s point of view New Zealand should never have gone there in the first place. The Prime Minister’s comments that New Zealanders don’t just “cut and run” at signs of trouble is made to sound good but it’s not Key whose life is on the line.

“John Key prefers to risk young New Zealanders lives rather than risk personal embarrassment to himself if our troops come home earlier than the US wants.”

Such a withdrawal would be a recognition that there is no sensible or logical reason for our troops to be in Afghanistan.

Afghanistan is our longest ever deployment of troops overseas and despite the official cover story our soldiers are propping up a woman-hating, medieval regime of warlords and drug barons. We are there because the US wants us there. Most Afghanis want us gone.

GPJA will be inviting political parties to send representatives to speak at the protest.


While I agree with the

While I agree with the general politics of the protest (ie Troops out NOW), I struggle to identify with statements like 'our troops' in relation to the NZ soliders. The invasion and occupation of Afghanistan is all about empire-building. The NZ state and corporations might only be junior partners in this operation, but their role is no different. Who is this 'us' that these troops supposedly belong to? Why should we identify with them? To me the roles of the army and police are clear: to protect the state and the interests of the capitalists. Sure, they are many nice individuals in these organisations and I do not wish anything bad to happen to them, that still doesn't change my relationship with their organisations.

Hope the protest goes well!

"Most Afghanis want us

"Most Afghanis want us gone"

I know you just wouldn't make this up as you would completely destroy the credibility of your organisation, but I am interested to see what established source from which you derive this fact.


Targeted NZers

Get ready for more dead kiwi birds