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Wellington: Talk & Film Screening 1951 waterfront lockout

27 Jul

There will be a presentation by local labour historian Grace Millar and film screening of '1951' on the waterfront lockout in New Zealand, a period which saw the country starkly transform into a police state as 22,000 waterside workers were locked out for 151 days, a state of emergency declared and announcement that the country was 'at war' by prime minister Holland. Such extreme laws were enacted as criminalising any form of charity to the locked out workers and their families, making it a jailable offense if you were caught giving food even to their children.

Grace is currently completing her PHD thesis on the families of the locked out workers. Her presentation will include photo slides, and will offer a rare opportunity for the public to get a glimpse into the conditions and tumultuous events of this period.


“In 1951, New Zealand temporarily became a police state. Civil liberties were curtailed, freedom of speech denied, and the Government used force against its own citizens. This film tells the story of the infamous lockout of waterside workers and the nationwide strike which followed. The film won Best Documentary and John Bates was named Best Director, Documentary, at the 2002 New Zealand Television Awards.”

To read more and see a clip of the film check out

This is a free event open to all the public. Much thanks to 19 Tory street people for use of the space.