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Hakari for Justice: fundraising dinner for Taame and Rangi

28 Jul

Help us overturn the 2.5 year sentences for Taame and Rangi and eat a wonderful 4 course meal in the process! Hakari for Justice is being held by Tamaki October 15th Solidarity to raise funds for the Court of Appeal case. We hope you can join us for some great food and korero on 28 July.

Venue: 8 Mt Eden Road (Cityside Church)

Cost: $20unwaged /$30 waged

PLEASE RSVP by 26th July to


"The ANC was banned, there

"The ANC was banned, there was no other option which was left for the movement to continue the struggle execpt the last resort - the armed struggle.  A call was made, a clarion call was made and we answered by leaving all we had to go for the armed struggle. It was not an easy task but we had to do it"  - Temba Paulos, MK cell commander.

And you really believe a dinner or an appeal will get Taame and Rangi out of Poaka jail.

Have 172 years taught you nothing?   Most likely they wil not make it out alive!