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Equity for Humanity

13 Nov

Intent and Purpose: to support the principle of 'Equity for Humanity', for fairness

Action called for: to sit in silence, to meditate, to be in silence in the Octagon (Lower Octagon)

Bring: something to sit on


We are networking with those who meditate to come & support holding of space in the octagon.

We are also asking the churches of Dunedin to hold a moment of silence in respect of 'Equity for Humanity', for fairness; within their service at the same time.

** Those who have been camped in 'Occupy the Octagon' will be wearing white arm bands. **

Further actions that we can all take to support our own equity: buy local produce, donate to the food banks, when there is an abundance of fresh produce donate that to the food banks, we are advocating that the Dunedin City Council plant 50% of their annual planting as edible, support local community social services, gather together as a community, practice the art of sharing with one another and share equally, work together for each other.



What Equity?

Equity for Humanity? The world isn't fair - it never has been. But while you are all 'meditating' give a thought for the New Zealand boys that died for you in two World Wars and now their hard won freedom from Nazism is being eroded by the liberal/left who support Islam as the new religion and encourage large scale immigration into the West to undermine our democracy and freedom. These are the real issues today in all countries of the West.