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NF/ RWRNZ rally fascist march

19 Oct

to whom it may concern....

I have posted a warning for people to be aware of a NF/ RWRNZ march on flag day, it has been removed or isn t it posted yet?
I thought it was a citizen act of warning to let the population aware that far right fascist will be operating on those days. For NZest best interest of protecting its sons&daughters,The People, a people made of a rich mixture of ethnicity and cultural differences that makes NZ a vibrant place to live in. This shouldn't be deteriorated by nationals individuals promoting White supremacy! Therefore, its our duty to make sure they do not harm anyone,anymore, at any costs.Here are the details: 

We are getting ready now for the New Zealand Flag day.

Each year we gather to protest against the people who want to steel away our Identity.

In Wellington Things will start about 11am in the city. But it is recomended that you meet at the camp ground and go on the bus into town with the team.
Dont miss out on the social after the event. Its one of the best in the whole year.

In Christchurch we will meet at the start of New Brighton Mall around 1pm. There will be a BBQ after the talks.

Please come and support our history and heritage.




I believe it s gonna take

I believe it s gonna take place on this coming Saturday of the labour weekend...

Noone is interested in a

Noone is interested in a bunch of bone head tossers,why give them free advertising on here?People just look at em an think what a bunch of  retards,and forget about em.Sure if they begin to grow into a forseeable threat them we will of course oppose them.DO YOU ANTIFA HAVE SOME SORT OF SEXUAL FETISH FOR NAZIS ?maybe you should join em?JUST STOP POSTING ON HERE ABOUT EM OK.Cause I for one aint interested in da  scum  bags OK.