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Wgtn March Against Youth Rates!

25 Jun

The Nats want to bring in youth rates for 16-24 year olds, this is a blatant attempt to drive down workers wages. We're going to stand up and not take this.


song for kate Wilkinson

Youth Rates  Song  - ( to the tune of Bruno Mars "Lazy Song")

They really don't feel like paying us anything

to old fucks like me as well as youth

if we all worked for zero pay

that would make the bosses day

'cos they'd  really rather not be paying anything

Time we stood  up to the man

make as much fuss as we can

nobody gonna tell us we can't

Set my couch alight in Willis street

so the ruling class can feel some heat

show the bastards who's the freakin man

It's time to protest

protest while we can

If we don't we'll finish up not getting anything 

nothing at all


Location change

Apparently this demo is now outside the national party office, which is on Willis St. Accross the road from new world metro, next to unity books.

Smoke and mirrors and spam filtering

The spam filter is preventing me from linking to the story where that nice Mr Key (I may be being sarcastic) says that it's far too early to know whether there is such a policy.