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27 Nov

Pacifism and non-violence

Nowadays, pacifism is decidedly unfashionable. The left-wing
conscientious objectors have pretty much died out. The Greenham Common feminist
pacifists have gone quiet. What's left is a handful of radical Christian
pacifists - interesting in themselves, but not to most people's taste. Instead
of pacifism, activist groups insist on a rather vaguely defined commitment to
non-violence. Rather than pacifism stemming first from spiritual or ethical
values, I argue that organising in a healthy way leads to pacifism. If you are
going to organise against repression you need to organise in a pacifist way.
Violence is an organisational problem; pacifism is a radical alternative that
confronts systems of power and violence. I will explain how my ideas about
pacifism have evolved through contact with feminist analysis and activism in
international solidarity, anti-apartheid, peace, environmental and anarchist

Venue: 19 Tory St


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