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The Fragile False Hope of Representative Democracy


"Millions of people relying solely on the tenuous chance of victory of a single man in a single rigged contest is NEVER a recipe for liberty." - Tyler Durden, It Is Time For The Ron Paul Revolution To Move Beyond Politics

Yes, Tyler is talking about US Congressman and would-be US Presidential candidate Ron Paul, but it's interesting that this statement would be just as apt applied to Obama. While tin foil hat wearers leap to blaming red herrings like Obama's national origins for his failure to deliver the change he promised, the very fact that Obama won the primaries, let alone the Presidency shows that he was surrounded by careerist sycophants who were willing to compromise any one of his supposed values to get the ball between the posts. "Yes We Can"? Turns out, "No We Can't", at least not by relying on politicians to change a hopelessly corrupted meatgrinder from the inside.

According to Durdan though, Paul is surrounded by a similar bevy of self-serving bureaucrats, who are desperate to drive a wedge between his image and his more radical followers. In order to win the Republican candidacy, Paul, like Obama, would have had to compromise most of the values and policies that distinguish him from cromagnons like Newt Gingrich, and Mit Romney. In order to win the Presidency, he would have had to distance himself from the constitution thumpers, the libertarians, the banking reformers, and the conspiracy theorists who, for whatever reason, see him as a beacon of hope.

What's this got to do with New Zealand? Things are not so different here. Durdan's quote could equally apply to the radicals who have placed their faith in men like Bruce Beetham, Jim Anderton, Winston Peters, Nandor Tanzcos, Peter Dunne, John Banks, and Hone Harawira. Like their US counterparts, these men (and any woman who ends up in their shoes) can only assume any real state power once they have been thoroughly comprised. First by their own party apparatchiks, then by the mass media and its reduction of complex issues into Tweet-sized soundbites, then by the parliamentary process, which further reduces any issue into a chest-thumping popularity contest between two simplifications.

In Orwell's '1984', Winston Smith says "If there is hope... it lies in the proles". Anyone who is paying attention will realise we now live in the uber-surveillance nightmare Orwell feared; cameras are everywhere, and thoughtcrime, doublethink, and newspeak abound, on both "left" and "right" - categories which are increasingly meaningless. As we can see from the uprisings of the Arab Spring, the Greek and Spanish indignados, and the mass consensus General Assemblies of the Occupy movements, if there is hope, it does not lie in trying to reform dictatorships (elected or otherwise) and their parties. It lies in ordinary people hacking around the political gatekeeper class, learning to speak each other's political language, and creating a new democratic politics. Not from the inside out, nor from the bottom up (why would we want to keep an "up") but from the outside in.


Why do we need political parties






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Anybody watching western democracy might want to contemplate the need for political parties. It would seem to me that there is where the problem lies. This is where all the sycophantic, criminal, manipulative, power crazy, mediocre (at best) egos on legs go to get a piece of the government cheese and build their control freak hierarchies.

 We have the right folks in our midst to administer our country, to make a planned goal for the nation 60 to 100 years down the track, and show some solidarity in achieving that aim once it has been decided on. None of those outstanding, decent people I know, and you know, would contemplate compromising their political stance by crawling up some mediocre political party bosses stinking backside, in the cess pool of party politics, to be endorsed by a party so they can have the right to represent your constituency. We all know decent people in our communities with the skills to perform the job well. People with common sense, common decency, integrity, courage, vision, and imagination. Now there are a bunch of words you have not heard bandied around in politics for a long time. I am thinking of your mentors and community leaders who you know and trust who you could encourage to independently represent your electorate.  If people can change their minds and support independent candidates, whose views they agree with, then we could approach attaining the political All Blacks for our country. At the moment, as we all know, we have the equivalent of an under 18 third social team as the mediocre power crazy party leaderships endorses even more mediocre candidates for your consideration.

  Has anyone else thought about the fact that every time you vote for a party politician you are voting for a compromised candidate as they can do little of what they tell you they will do ,if elected, as all depends on whether the party bosses and their controllers will allow it. Consider for a moment that you are the employer of these MP's.  Now understand that their first loyalty is not to their electorate (employer),it is to their party. Their loyalties must lie that way or they would never get the endorsement to run in your electorate in the first place. Is there any other employer that would put up with paying someone to work for them but their loyalty is to another organisation?  

Independent candidates are the only way to get the point of view of your electorate put before the national committee (parliament) with no interference from a third party. It would solve many problems and costs. For one, with an independent parliament and your electorate decided to fire and replace it’s employee, there would be no need for a general election, because a balance of  Party political power conflict, with all the costs and inconvenience to all the electors of our country that entails. A simple bi election would be called to replace your MP and a new employee would go to work for you with no disruption to Parliament. There are many other advantages that one can think of.  I would like to hear from anyone who sees the potential in a real democracy run by decent folk you know have done great things in your community instead of by corporations and bankers who run it from the shadows behind political parties now.

  This is going to take a real change to our thinking on the political system which has been indoctrinated into us since birth. You know: vote for Labour. They screw up so vote for National. They screw up so vote for labour. They screw up so vote for National . They screw up........ ad nauseum.   Is this the best system we can promote?  It is just that, A System, and all systems can be changed and improved.  But one cannot sit in ones lazy boy, eating chips, drinking beer and watching Rugby when it comes to election time and expect a decent result for our countries future. People have to start paying attention once every 3 years. Is that too much to ask from an electorate?

   Here of course is the problem. Any country that would let a snaggletoothed closet lesbian who never left school, for three terms, tell them what they were allowed to say and do and go along with it, then in the middle of the biggest financial crisis since the great depression, created again by bankers currency traders and speculators, elect a currency trading, speculating, merchant banker as their prime minister, shows stunning levels of stupidity, apathy, cowardice and naivety. Anyone looking at the “Smiling Assassins” history, noting his Jewish heritage, the fact that he was working in New York with the Federal Reserve Bank of America, (a private bankers club that has never been audited since its inception) also Merrill Lynch and not coming to the conclusion that here was an obvious New World Order plant taking his orders from abroad, must have fallen out of their cot as a young child and hit their head very hard on the floor.

 Voting for Independent MP’s is the easiest and quickest way to minimize these problems and take back the governance of our country from unelected forces behind the scenes. We have the system to change  things.  If you agree with this approach encourage your fellow electors at the grass roots level to start talking and thinking this way, looking for decent independent candidates , encouraging them to run, and we could take back control of our country next election.