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Anti Poverty Group Challenges John Key Charity Farce


AAAP will hold a picket outside a charity lunch tomorrow to highlight the hypocrisy of John Key raising money for kids while implementing destructive welfare reform.

The picket will start at 11:30 and will be held at 159 Lincoln Rd, Henderson.

“Raising money for the children’s ward of the Waitakere hospital is a worthwhile cause, however we strongly believe John Key should not get positive photo opportunities at a children’s charity lunch when his welfare policy will undoubtedly make life harder for kids growing up in New Zealand” says AAAP spokesperson Chris Zack.

“There are strong links between poverty and poor health outcomes for children yet John Key seems to think private sector charity can make amends for National’s increasingly tarnished reputation when it comes to inaction on tackling child poverty.”

“Key and his party are some of the greatest offenders on child health and his attendance at this event is offensive to families struggling to get by and facing poor health as a result.”

“If John Key cared to make a real difference to the lives of New Zealand’s 240 000 kids living in poverty he would go beyond charity and support a comprehensive social safety net that gives dignity to families struggling in tough economic times”.