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Building Prisons = Economic Development ?


Minister of Economic Development Steven Joyce responded to the job losses at Solid Energy and KiwiRail by saying that jobs about 1000 jobs will be created to build Wiri prison in South Auckland. [Checkpoint - National Radio] How a short-term construction site that ends up incarcerating more and more people helps economic development is beyond anyone.

State owned enterprise Solid Energy yesterday announced that 222 staff and 130 contractors at the Spring Creek mine on the West Coast will be laid off. KiwiRail, also owned by the government, will get rid of 158 workers.

The job losses on in Greymouth will have huge implications on the local community. While anti-mining groups might claim a victory, the town is expected to suffer hugely. Each mining job creates another four jobs in the town. It can be expected that many of the miners will re-locate to Australia to work in the mines over there.

Job losses at KiwiRail will further derail the country's train network. There was discussion around the potential of bridges collapsing due to KiwiRail no longer doing the required maintenance work. Minister Joyce responded by saying that KiwiRail would never let trains across unsafe bridges, indicating that more tracks will be closed instead.

As a job alternative, Joyce mentioned the Wiri prison to be constructed in South Auckland. According to the government, up to 1000 construction jobs and 300 long-term positions will be created, with the new facility scheduled to open in 2015 as part of a 25 year contract worth approximately $840 million.

"The SecureFuture consortium of Fletcher Construction, Serco and Spotless Facility Services has been contracted to design, finance, build, operate and maintain the prison under a public-private partnership (PPP)."

How grotesque that locking up the poor in privately run prisons turns into 'economic development'!



Being staunch for fun and mutually rewarding opportunity ...

We stand for open government by the people for the people.

We stand.

We stand in spirit.

We stand in flesh.

We stand in armoured pride.

Prisons - and the Police, the Army, the Judiciary, are the sole preserve of our elected Parliament.  No Parliament - not even after a landslide referendum - is ever entitled to sell the sovereign nation to private interests.


No private company may wholly own or control any strategic national resource unless it is sworn under oath to uphold the interests of the sovereign nation and is totally constrained within the bounds of the Rule of Law.

Fight the good fight.  We've won it before and we will hang these internationalist sons of fascist bastards as we hanged their spiritual fathers at Nuremberg. 

This time the fight for some of us is a little closer to home. But for those of you with an adventurous spirit, there is ample opportunity in some farther field.

We stand, resilient and joyful as we wait for our opportunity.

We shall round them up - these unconstitutional trans-nationally sympathetic perverts who have corrupted our legal systems for their own private pleasure - and incarcerate them in the very private prisons that we shall help them build.

We are not interested in harming the working man.  We shall reward any who turn Queen's Evidence against transnational corporate monopoly power, and against domestic enemies of the State, no matter who they are.  We have network resources enough to secure secrecy, even to spirit some away to safety.

We seek, we ardently desire, and shall find, and shall mount up and deeply feel the dark pleasure of judicial justice, as the most wealthy among us who are held for treason against the spirit of the sovereign state are stripped of their assets and quite possibly destroyed, unnamed, their children for generations deprived of the right to inherit their residual wealth.

The killing season is nearly upon us.  Let the loyal patriotic workers in the abattoirs rejoice.