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Is She Talking The Piss?


Sent today to:

Paula Bennett

Parliament Office
Private Bag 18888
Parliament Buildings

” Dear Paula… Although I do not currently receive any form of benefit, I am forwarding this to you in case I do in the future. The way this current government is acting… the whole damn populace will be on a benefit within the next 5 years, especially if National is re-elected. so I am reserving my place. Its a sample of my urine, taken this morning at 8.10am. Please feel free to have it tested. My last employer undertook drug tests for all workers and each cost $84.00 at a local laboratory. So, how the hell this move is supposed to save (your reported estimate) $5.5M over the next 4 years is beyond my comprehension.”

Sent via NZ Post parcelpost, in a small cardboard box wrapped in plain brown paper… A Craigs breakfast Marmalade jar full of my morning urine.
Glass jar… Free – Recycled
Cardboard – Free – Recycled
Brown paper – Free – Recycled
Postage- $4.50
Making a point – Priceless!!!





That's made my morning ...