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Filipinos Farewell Comrade Jesse Robredo


Akbayan Party joins the Filipino people in mourning the passing of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo. The nation just lost a genuine servant of the people. His tragic death is a tremendous loss for our country’s campaign to reform the government.

His long career as a public official has been a sterling example of transparent and accountable leadership that has served to inspire those who wish to pursue a career in public service. During his tenure as mayor of Naga City, spanning almost 20 years, he introduced reforms which led to greater people’s participation in governance.

Likewise, we send our condolences to the Robredo family. More than being an honest public servant, Sec. Robredo was also a loving father and a faithful husband. We join his family in mourning his death.

While Sec. Robredo is no longer with us, we urge the people and the government to honor his memory and continue with the reforms he had started in the government. We believe this is would serve as a fitting tribute to his memory.

Thank you so much, Comrade Jesse. The fight will continue!

Sec. Robredo – A Role Model and an Inspiration for the Youth

By Akbayan Youth

As the Filipino people mourn the passing of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Jesse Robredo, Akbayan Youth salutes Sec. Robredo for being a role model and an inspiration for the youth through his exemplary deeds for the nation. The tragic death of Sec. Robredo is a great loss to our nation as he is one of the admired, respected and finest public servants that the country ever had.

Sec. Robredo, a staunch advocate for good governance, started to serve the public in 1988 as the youngest city mayor in the country during that time. From then on, his public career blossomed prolifically – from being a public servant of his hometown for 20 years up to serving the nation as Secretary of DILG.

Also, as an advocate for good governance, Sec. Robredo was an active partner and adviser of Akbayan Youth and SK Reform Coalition in the campaign for the passage of the pending SK Reform and Empowerment Bill. His munificence, in terms of sharing his expertise on transparent and accountable governance, and amicable aura greatly helped the campaign to thrive.

Sec. Robredo’s exemplary leadership, evident of his long and commendable public service career, is an inspiration for the youth today. Undeniably, Sec. Robredo is a good role model for the young public servants.

The inspiration left to us by Sec. Robredo should be a driving force for the Filipino nation to carry on the reforms that he has initiated as we continue to strive for good governance and reforms in the country. The best way to honor his life is to continue his fight, our fight. Nothing less.

We send our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of Sec. Robredo. We, together with the Filipino nation, join the Robredo family in mourning the loss of a father and a great public servant. e okul