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Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability


Crown Research Institute Speaks With Forked Tongue In Opposing GMO Accountability 



GE FREE NZ Press Release


13 September 2012




GE Free NZ and Bay of Plenty ratepayers who were original submitters to a local Bay of Plenty plan have received notice of an appeal to the Environment Court, lodged by NZ Crown Research Institute Scion. This appeal contests the Environment Bay of Plenty Regional council's (BOPRC) "Precautionary approach" to GMO release and field trialling in the region.


It is sheer hypocrisy for Scion to actively oppose council policy designed to protect the public interest. The legal action is in stark contrast to previous claims by Scion that the CRI supports a precautionary approach to GMOs.

Scion has received tens of millions of dollars from taxpayers to develop GM pine trees. Now it is using public money to oppose policies designed to keep it accountable to the communities that fund it.

"The policy wording that Scion is attacking is the region’s insurance policy. The council have included a commentary outlining the documented inadequacies of present legislation under HSNO. This is an important first step in protecting ratepayers from unintended adverse impacts from GMOs," says Jon Carapiet, spokesman for GE-Free NZ in food and environment.

"If Scion is truly committed to a precautionary approach to GMO land use it should have no problem with the precautionary approach set out in the BOP proposed Regional Policy Statement.  The precautionary GE wording does not mean that the council will place any requirements above and beyond those set by national regulator, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)."

The action taken by Scion this week is of concern to primary producers in various sectors right across New Zealand.  Crown Research Institutes should not be attempting to undermine the sustainable management of natural and physical resources by local authorities.

"The socialised risk of GE experiments onto the public under inadequate legislation (HSNO Act) means that local authorities everywhere should be concerned by Scion's move, and the potential placement locally of GE trials or containment facilities," says Jon Carapiet.

After a robust and transparent process of consultation with Bay of Plenty ratepayers and residents, the council is now in a position to represent the community in any GE application lodged with the EPA.

Where EPA decisions on GM trials and releases are truly precautionary, then the council will not need to act. However, if an EPA decision does not provide sufficient protection for local foresters, farmers or the wider community, the council’s precautionary policy will allow proper safeguards to be introduced.

Community concerns over GE experimentation in the field continues to grow, after a number of documented breaches of the conditions of approval by ERMA for GE field trials (including NZ Crown Research Institutes Scion, Crop & Food Research, AgResearch and HortResearch*.

More information:
Jon Carapiet - 021 0507681 


1. Most recently, Scion’s CEO, Warren Parker is cited as supporting a precautionary approach to GMOs in the NZ Farmers Weekly  (21 May 2012 edition, p. 28)
 when he refers to the precautionary approach recommended by the Royal Commission into Modification (back in 2000)

2. Scion is seeking deletion of the following policy in the Proposed Regional Policy Statement:
The existence of genetically modified organisms in the environment has
generated community concern. Of particular concern is the placement and location of trial and containment facilities. The Bay of Plenty Regional Council promotes a precautionary approach to the release, control and use of genetically modified organisms within the region. The precautionary approach is a necessary response to unresolved issues of potential liability, environmental risks, economic costs, and cultural and social effects. The Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act 1996 contains specific legislation for managing genetically modified organisms. These legislative functions are carried out by the Environmental Protection Authority. Current legislation may be inadequate to manage potential adverse effects from the use of genetically modified organisms in the region.

Proposed Bay of Plenty Regional Policy Statement. Council Decisions, August 2012


3.  All  comments from NZ FARMERS WEEKLY newspaper on GE pines/ Scion/ precautionary approach to GMOs

16 April NZ Farmers weekly
 p. l6  "GM pine trials vandalised"
 by Rebecca Harper

 21 May 2012 edition
 "Viewpoints on damage to GE pines" p. 28


Dr. Ron Lopert of Tauranga vs Dr. Warren Parker, CEO of Scion (Scion Chief Executive responds)

16 July 2012, p. 20 letter to editor

"Keep experiments in the laboratory"  by Linda Grammer, Maungakaramea, Northland

4. IAG (Interim Assessment Group) approval of the GE tamarillo trial at HortReseach Kerikeri facility in Northland. 


The Royal Commission was quite clear about GE tamarillo trial #51 in their Report (Chapter 6, p. 123), stating: "We heard considerable public doubt about the adequacy of the containment of this trial.  The Commission considers that this public concern was justified."

The Royal Commission identified the risks from horizontal gene transfer and other forms of genetic pollution, stating:


"In light of concerns that have arisen this year in connection with horizontal gene transfer (HGT) we consider that rigorous monitoring of field trials is essential and that all material associated with the trial must be removable from the site."



And the time now is ... 3 minutes to total GMO

With regional authorities each battling for their own rights in the GMO debate our country has effectively been split into manageable segments. 

We are under attack, a blitz of GMO trials, we are being pushed back ... and soon enough a regional council will cave in to the pressure (including bribery) and announce its intention to become a free-for-all haven for GMO, and so NZ's hope, reputation and our vision will perish.  And Monsanto et al will crow, "If clean green NZ will accept GMO then its got to be good for you."

So much for democratic process, so much for the dreams of our pioneering forefathers who suffered to travel here and carve out an existance when it was as far as you could go without going to the Moon. Man, they were strong minded men and women!

But not us.  We are pussy whipped.  Corporate USA is has us blinded with her alluring shapeliness. Every half-wit wants to make a million before he turns 13 and he doesn't care if he sells his country to do it. And as he gets older the pressure to pervert natural justice only grows.  So look to your brother and wonder, who's side is he really on?

We once were a proud people of international renown.  Our image was untarnished.  We were sovereign and indepdendent minded.  But now we are a joke.  Only at home do we still hold fast to a cosy illusion.

We've pissed it all away because we've been too gutless to rise up our mettle and grasp the essential fact: we are at war. 

These monied perverts believe they have seized control of our country and our minds through bribery and threats of death. 

It would be a brave man who would stand up against corporate power with only a steel a helmet and hope for a better future, would it not?  Yet this is what we must do.

So, considering the stakes ... I think its time to consider joining an army, getting trained up and taking the fight to the enemy, what?

For we understand that the honourable sons of men who resisted fascism support us in our struggle for self determination. Not everyone in the CIA is a catholic paedophile or a secret mafia assassin.  And certainly M15 is weighted against corporate monopoly.  We do have friends.  Its so very English to seek justice and fair play. The odds are fairly even.  There's a lot we can do to salvage the honour of our raped nation even as she still bleeds.

Eventually, we are going to have to kill these cunts.  You do realise this?  But not yet. 

Right now we're just waking up to that future, aren't we possums? 

Its as if its the day after a night out and the first we know that we're not back in the cosy warmth of the New Zealand we were ready to fight for (so we told each other as boys) is an early morning horses fart through the missing door and the warm feel of our own dog pissing on our head. 

For in the night of revelry, while we were drunk on foreign corporate interest in our sovereign strategic assests we just got carried away and didn't notice that the buggers carried it all off.

Oh, how we love the free market and foreign ownership of sovereign strategic assets, and Christ its so good to be loved by some multinational - they just pat us on the head and our daks fall down.

But we're waking up now, aren't we?

Are we happy campers? Are our arses sore?

To ride roughshod over the aspirations of a free people is to court death, is it not?

To take the piss over our pride and gerrymander us, to lie to us, to manipulate us, to sell us out ... someone is going to have to pay for that affront to our dignity.

If you're not up to taking up the fight, just save a prayer for someone who will.

Fully realising that we may risk imprisonment ... I believe it is well past time that we stopped being so jolly law abiding and genteel about all this and begin to make a regular point of casually defacing corporate property. At least we can tell the kiddies that we tried, what?  Name them in honour of our great last stand, if not in honour of our victory.

Really, please ... I would love to buy a teeshirt that simply states "Fuck you, Monsanto!" with a graphic portrayal of a Monsanto logo being gangbanged on the front and "No to GMO" on the back.

ANd this one I'd love to wear to Church: "God Defend New Zealand" front and "Get off your fucking arse, God!" behind.