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Deep sea oil: Anadarko drill confirmed


Houston-based oil giant Anadarko has committed to test-drilling three deep sea oil wells in Canterbury and Taranaki in 14 months. Anadarko, who owned 25% of the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf of Mexico that spilled millions of barrels of oil last year, are planning to drill at sea-depths of up to 1500 metres in what can only be described as a recipe for disaster.

Anadarko has exploration permits off Oamaru and far out to sea on the Taranaki coast. The company has so far struggled to secure a rig to do the drilling. Only five weeks ago, the oil giant deferred a drilling programme for this year, but corporate affairs manager Alan Seay said yesterday drill ship Noble Bob Douglas, which is still under construction, would visit New Zealand for its maiden voyage and first work programme of up to three holes. He expected one hole to be drilled in November or December next year off Oamaru, then another off Taranaki, and "ideally, depending on [earlier] results", a second either exploratory or appraisal hole well off Oamaru, at the Caravel prospect.

Climate Justice Taranaki responded to Anadarko's deep sea drilling off the Taranaki and Canterbury coasts by saying the "deep sea driller Anadarko is not welcome in Taranaki because the environmental and economic consequences for our region if there is an oil spill are simply too great. We have seen with the Rena spill that New Zealand does not have the capacity to deal with a comparatively small spill, other than Joe Bloggs going down the beach with a shovel and a plastic bag. What will happen if there is a spill like in the Gulf of Mexico, in which Anadarko had a 25% stake?"

"Instead of going after these sources of extreme energy like deep sea oil, oil exploration in the Arctic and fracking, we need to focus on renewable energy. We owe it to the future generations."

Meanwhile Lucy Lawless and her Greenpeace companions will be sentenced in the New Plymouth District Court this Friday for taking action earlier in the year against oil drilling in the Arctic when they boarded a drilling ship headed for Alaska.

Ka Nui! Enough!


Gentlemen, your attention please ...

We believe that the sooner we grasp the nettle on the issue of sovereignty, ownership, public rights and government through secure participatory democracy - as soon as we begin to take firm real-life strategic actions to resist foreign rape of our resources the sooner this will all blow over and we can get back to being a proud and independent little nation of many different peoples who do things our own way in our own time ...

We are a united people of many colours, with many different faiths, each sharing this land in relative harmony.

There are some among us - and many in the world at large - who seem hellbent on engaging in a fratricidal religious war - a clash of civilisations. Under cover of this pretence they are seizing our resources for their war effort.  But we do not have time for such innane shit. That plan seems as if it was discovered in the ruins beneath Hitler's Eagles Nest mountain retreat.  It had a Vatican seal.  It was taken by the conquering US forces.

The first international engagement of each US President since Eisenhower has been a pilgrimage to the Vatican, is this not true? And they rape people and nations of a different colour as easily as an Nazi storm trooper.

The Nazi salute was the Roman salute - the Vatican maintains very strong influence in Catholic nations, keeps up pressure in Protestant ones like ours and the USA through bribery and corruption (because they are paedophile perverts).

But we are a commonwealth, a society of friends.

We have pioneered, we have forged our own identity in a island far removed.  This is our land!  And we are worthy to maintain possession of it.

It is that sense of intelligent cultured independence that we wish to gift to our children.

Each nation is a brother of other nations, we meet in a world parliament.

Those who own the business of the land must reside permanently in the land, must be citizens of the land.

Keep up the singing parties, keep up the memorial services for the decay of our freedoms.  Remember that we live in an occupied country under the yoke of foreign corporate domination, and that the largest majority of those that oppress us and their toadies here are Catholic.

Join the Army, any Army will do :-) - and get your life skill training now.  If you can do it privately, then perhaps that can be useful for you.  Fight our battle for freedom overseas in the desert and the jungles and the cities of lands that historically have proven quite suitable.  War is a part of life.  Embrace it.  Let the Loyal Territorials maintain our ability to enforce justice against the invading foreign force.  Let YOU become a man as your forefathers were men, the same way, and for the same reasons.  Fight together alongside men of a different colour and creed, each standing for freedom for his own nation, for a secure future for his own family, just like you, in friendship, and in death, we stand forever against the encroachment of fascist uniformity.

Let us remind you, brothers in arms: the largest most potent mechanised military force in our recent world history was resoundingly routed by women in pyjamas.

Victory is not to the strong, but to those who stand long.

Same story in Iraq and Afghanistan, you may have noted.