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(the future of the right to sleep in the Commonwealth)


(the future of the right to sleep in the Commonwealth)

St. Ann's update- Saturday, September 1st, 2012: definitely


I've been holding off on updating the journal, I think, because I've been wanting to wait for something definitive to happen (AKA coming to some understanding of 'what now?').

In jovial seriousness I've begun telling people that I've seen that I've given myself two weeks to wait for a miracle, before resorting to the last recourse of getting arrested and starving to death in jail (for those unfamiliar to the routine) for having a tent during the day.

Of course I'm putting all mindfulness to not having to. I conjecture. Supreme Court of Canada... Maybe blocked right at the beginning if there is no process of 'indigent status' regarding the 'obligatory' $75.00 fee for processing an application. And truthfully, the notion seems unreasonably exhausting. Adding the necessity of applying for Leave To Extend as, I imagine the SCC rules would have a set amount of time after the Appeals Court loss to file SCC appeals.

The argument being presented must contain a third expert, mayhaps. One to testify the necessity of sleep to live, one to testify the basic minimum requirements for healthy sleep, and one to demonstrate the 'not saved by section 1' section 7 violation of arbitrarily denying the conscientious practice of providing one's self with shelter, so as to sleep, during the day, or at any time for that matter, in municipal public access spaces. As, of course, the right to do so at night has been recognized by the Appeals Court of BC with the fundamental precedent already set.

Or maybe the Crown will just turn nice tomorrow, dedicating Itself to demonstrating the courage to stand as an angel never again under the delusion that there is excuse to lie... You never know... An infinite history seems to have bred many variables...

K. Love you.

Patience be with all of us.

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

The Occupation of St. Ann's Academy: Immersive Data Hub (or The Process of How It Is That It Is Legal to Have a Tent, at Night, in a park in the City of Victoria, BC, Canada)-