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New Mutiny out now!



We're delighted to bring you Mutiny Zine for July/August (#66)! The zine is now available online at and will be available shortly in hard copy to our subscribers and from Jura Books* and other locations.

Also note, we have established a blog at where you can find individual articles from the past two zines.

Three pieces examine important environmental struggles happening locally and overseas. Writing from Tokyo, Alexander Brown analyses the state of the nuclear industry in Japan and Australia and argues that resistance to the nuclear chain must be global. Julia gives us the low-down on what happened at the Lizard’s Revenge convergence in South Australia against uranium mining. Finally, Kylie reports back from the Rio + 20 climate conference in brazil and takes a hard look at the challenges facing the ‘climate movement’, suggesting that activists need to orientate more towards issues surrounding daily life.

From Queensland, Dave dissects the state’s debt crisis. He contends that the LNP’s attacks on the conditions of workers and communities aren’t simply a result of ideology, or of Premier Campbell Newman being an especially nefarious right-winger, but should be seen in the context of a global attempt by capital to lower the level of social reproduction (the level of support that people need in order to keep on working for capital, i.e family structures, welfare, some time for rest from work, etc) that has followed in the wake of economic crisis. This means that even saying ‘No’ to what is happening can lead to more radical questions about how these kind of attacks are linked to the nature of capital, as opposed to just focusing on bad politicians with bad ideas.

In another article, Annette M discusses the imposition of income management in Bankstown, and argues that this is happening in order to push people into the labour market, leading to downward pressure on the wages and conditions of the working class as a whole.

Love and solidarity, Mutiny zine editors.

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