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URGENT....DEVELOPING News: Detained violently the mapuche leader Jose Huenchunao Mariñán


Chile, 24 agosto -2012 04.25 am

URGENT....DEVELOPING News: Detained violently the mapuche leader Jose Huenchunao Mariñán

As they reported sources linked to the mapuche people, yesterday, was arrested violently the mapuche leader Jose Huenchunao Mariñán by the police investigations of Chile (PDI), in the bus terminal of Temuco, who would be moved this Friday, August 24 to conception.  José Huenchunao, is a young and historic leader of the resulting mapuche struggle, spokesman for indigenous communities mapuche of Arauco. He resides in the commune of Tirúa, province of Arauco, region of Bío Bío, Chile and has purged five years of prison and starred long hunger strikes in the prison

of Angol against the use of the internal security of the State law and, in general, of the delincuencializacion of the social struggle of his people.

According to the website, the mapuche leader was about to attend a panel in the University of la Frontera in that city in Temuco, to expose on the historical cause of the struggle of the mapuche. In turn, radio Bio Bio reports on its website that "both the proceedings of investigations and the arrest were made by special police investigations of the PDI Brigade." The reason or pretext, this time would be an arrest warrant pending related to alleged breaches the internal State Security Act, in the region of Bio Bio, whose capital is the city of Concepción, which would be being transferred.  It should be noted that during the years after 2005, Huenchunao was arrested and spent years in the prison of Angol, the Araucanía region, in the hands of the Chilean State, so it is surprising that this "pending order" has not been executed when he was completely in the hands of his captors.

Apparently, according to social and Mapuche leaders, this new repressive State action towards the indigenous leader is part of the permanent criminalization who today suffer social struggles in Chile, especially that of his people, the mapuche in Araucania, located in the Center area south of Chile. We call the social organizations, alternative press and media friends of the cause of the mapuche people to be alert to this repressive new persecution against the comuneros mapuche leader Jose Huenchunao, who has lived in their land devoted to traditional agriculture and reflection of the experience of its people in recent decades since his release.  /HMA.

Eduardo Agustin Cruz