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Six protestors were arrested tonight at Glen Innes


Six protestors were arrested tonight as the Glen Innes community and supporters resisted another state house being moved out of the suburb, says Mana Party VP John Minto.

“Selling the homes of the 99% to enrich the 1%” is how Mana Vice President John Minto describes government plan.

“State houses are being moved and the land sold to private developers for high-cost housing “The government’s contempt for New Zealanders on low incomes is obvious.” The protests have already delayed the project by six months as over half the affected families are staying put.

Tonight one protestor got into the house as it was beginning to move while another two climbed on the haulage truck. Others were arrested on the road as the truck inched its way along – taking 30 minutes to travel a few hundred metres.

Mana has called for a moratorium on the development so negotiations between the government and the community can take place outside the heat of protests on the street.

It’s time Phil Heatley acknowledged the promises made to the community and then broken by the crown. In the meantime Mana is proud to stand with this community as it fights back against unfair and abusive government policies.


Nothing good comes easy ...

... and as soon as you have it some rich elite (probably Catholic) fuck is plotting to take it from you.

Fight the good fight and keep the pressure up.  These are signal acts of resistance.

It won't be long before we'll have to launch home made rockets into the windows of corporate offices, and that'll just bring all the shit down, won't it. And why not?  There's a war on.  And that's just life, as long as we have left, on mind altering drugs and with a passion to break shit just because it has all gone just too far ...

Alternatively, we can keep the spirit alive -

Let those rockets be balloons that drop our messages.  Let the fire be lights from our torches pulsing out a morse code "fuck you".  March - continually, for we seek to place our leaders securely in Parliament (and guard against treason from those we trust at all times!)

War is with us - and New Zealand is behind enemy lines.  We resist now non-violently but our Quisling government once removed democratically from office will bring in the US Marines (and I say we should welcome them in traditional style, with burning oil poured from the battlements and archers concealed about the realm).  Then let our underground war of resistance begin. 

Prepare.  Arm.

It is a global conflict between two tribes - the rich and the poor. The rich feed their greed. The poor seek Justice. The rich own the minds of many of our poor brethren.  But many of the rich are allied with us.

Think French Revolution and maintain your strength of spirit.  Remember that we won our battles against the German princes who served Rome, in 1914, and 1945.  And we shall win our battle against the German princes that installed their man Isenhower into the presidency of the USA from his stronghold in Texas.

Support Obama in his war against Texas.

Have fun.  Why not?  Tomorrow we die.

Don't take the brown acid!


To get back to the warning that I received. You may take it with however many grains of salt that you wish. That the brown acid that is circulating around us isn't too good. It is suggested that you stay away from that. Of course it's your own trip. So be my guest, but please be advised that there is a warning on that one, ok?

Public housing removal - another theft from the commons

Maximum solidarity with those 6 activists, and the Glen Innes community. Any update on whether they were released, charges etc?

Anyone who has seen the new Yes Men film 'Fix the World' will know that the same thing is happening New Orleans, with the housing department in the US condemning perfectly livably buildings, and replacing them with "mixed housing" at market rental. Make no mistake, this is gentrification. Wiping out housing that is affordable to those at the bottom of the economic heap, and replacing them with housing that makes the most profit, both through hidden subsidies to politicians' mates in the construction industry, and charging rents as high as "the market will bear".

I wonder how many of the working class neighbourhoods being condemned in quake-stricken Ōtautahi are also victims of this "disaster capitalism"?