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Thousands of $$ raised for Taame and Rangi


An art auction last night raised thousands of dollars for the legal fees in the appeal of Taame Iti and Rangi Kemara in Auckland last night. A painting by well-known artist Shane Cotton sold for $10,400!

The bidding started at 7pm at The Bizdojo Gallery 155b on K Road. Another art-work sold for $8000 and several others were sold for over $1000.

$50'000 were needed to cover Taame's and Rangi's legal fees in the upcoming Court of Appeal hearings. Taame, Rangi, Emily and Urs are appealing the sentence and convictions stemming from the so-called 'Urewera 4' court case on 22 August in Wellington.


Really really cool!

I find this really, really cool. I donated via the PledgeMe campaign and was pleased to see $3500 raised. Absolutely wicked to see so much being raised for this cause!

E hia rōia poaka? E

E hia rōia poaka?

E hia patu?

E hia raiwhara?