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Billy Apple, John Pule and Michel Tuffery join impressive list of contributing artists


The list of contributors donating work to the Artists Fundraiser Auction which is taking place in Auckland next week in order to raise funds for the appeal of Taame Iti and Rangi Kemara, has grown to include three big names from the New Zealand art scene. Contemporary artist Billy Apple has gifted a work entitled “Study of a New Zealand Flag” which is based on data from the 2006 Statistics New Zealand Census.

Apple explains “The flag’s composition is determined by the representation of “Maori/Other” population data using the golden ratio and tones of 100% black.” Artist John Pule has given an etching titled “Good Blood”, while Michel Tuffery has donated one of his selu tuiga or head combs that was carved for a series of commemorative stamps released earlier this month, celebrating 50 years of friendship between New Zealand and Samoa.

The auction’s online catalogue also boasts a broad spectrum of well known urban artists such as Daniel Tippett, collaborative duo Weston Frizzell, stencil artists Cut Collective and Auckland graffiti artist Askew with his work entitled, “How To Justify An Error”. The online catalogue is now live and features many of the 70-plus works to be auctioned next Tuesday night at the Bizdojo Gallery.

Doors will open at 4pm for a public preview and pre-registrations, followed by the auction at 7pm. For those that can’t attend the night there is also absentee bidding available via each artwork on the website.

ARTISTS FUNDRAISER AUCTION FOR TAME ITI AND RANGI KEMARA will be held at the Bizdojo Gallery, 155b Karangahape Rd (downstairs) in Auckland from 4-9pm on Tuesday 14 August - to view the catalogue visit

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How different is the NZ corporate-state from the Soviet ones?

On OpenChat we have been discussing the Trapwire digital tracking system, recently outed by Anonymous and WikiLeaks:

One of the contributions was a link to this story about Soviet-era surveillance in the former Czechoslovakia, which sounds distributingly like Keith Locke's story about the events recorded in the file on him released by the NZ Security Intelligence Service:

Have we always lived in a police state? Is there any other kind? Chilling thought. Where's your "functioning liberal democracy" now Trotter? 

Have we always lived in a

Have we always lived in a police state? Is there any other kind?

Not for Maori since 1840. 

Tangata whakamanuhiri poaka, he marae puehu!

I like that you guys are

I like that you guys are promoting violence again with the AK47 imagery.

The arrestees were never up to anything illegal... yeah right

They were never planning on anty violence... yeah right

Training for security work in the middle east... yeah right