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List of Police Operations Related to Protest Activity


Recently I used the Official Information Act to ask the police for the names of all police operations in the last 12 months which relate to protest activity.

I received a reply on the 11th of July with the following list.

“Planned Operations for Protests Policed in last 12 Months 2011 - 2012”

Op Craig
Op Marriot
Op Occupy
Op Gone
Op Waihopa
Op Affco
Op 1080
Op Hikoi No4
Op Budget
Op Marines
Op Anti Fracking
Op Derrick
Op Port
Op Port II
Op Distinction
Op Meridian
Op Teddy
Op Affco
Op Steppe
Op Thurston
Op 8
Op March
Op Flick
Op Mander
Op Hauturu
Op Waitangi
Op Petroleum
Op Te Ahu

Additionallty I asked for and received the planning document for a protest outside Mt Eden prison following the recent incarceration of Taame and Rangi. I have attatched this to the bottom of the article.

I do not plan on requesting planning documents for the above operations as I do not have the time to review them. I would encourage others to do so though.

A much more detailed look at past police operations related to protest activity can be seen here

scan.pdf100.43 KB


When was this document written?

Interesting that the planning document for an event on 26 May is dated 10 July.

My guess is that it was

My guess is that it was modified to be released under the OIA. Maybe names or phone numbers taken out etc.

Squirrel, have you got any other information around the operations? ie which district, what dates etc?

No sorry it was a poorly

No sorry it was a poorly written request :) 

In future I will ask for more info but I was in a hurry when I sent this off.