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Free The Moko - Artists and Musicians Collaborate To Support Families of Tame Iti & Rangi Kemara


Established conscious artists and musicians from Aotearoa/NZ and the world have joined together to speak out against injustice and show their support for the families of Tame Iti and Rangikaiwhiria Kemara. Both men are incarcerated here in Aotearoa on “unlawful possession of firearms” charges with a disproportionate sentence of 2.5 years each.

The pair are facing huge looming legal costs as the case is brought before the Court of Appeal on 22 August 2012 to fight the injustice served.

Over 50 participants across varying artforms have collaborated to combine their skills and produce a limited edition music CD as well as tshirts, donating the proceeds to support the families of Tame and Rangi. Some of the proceeds will be used to offset the high costs of the Appeal.

"Conscious Uprising" is a 12-track CD involving brand new roots, hip hop, reggae and spoken word material from artists that include David Grace, Tama Waipara, Emma Paki, Te Kupu, MC Wiya, Maisey Rika, Nat Rose, Majic & Robbie Paora, MC Tipene, Katz Maihi, Tribal ConexioNZ, Anatonio Te Maioha, NRG Rising, Michael Franti, Tiki Taane and more.

As an exclusive release, only 100 copies of the compilation will be available - each one signed by Tame Iti (from inside Waikeria Prison). 

The CD and tees are available at

For more information on the Appeal please visit

All queries to Ninakaye Taane or 021 270 3002


If the government reaction is

If the government reaction is to crush by naked force our non-violent struggle,...we will have to reconsider our tactics. In my mind we are closing a chapter on this question of a non-violent policy."