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Time for NZ to get out of UKUSA spy system


Millions of dollars are being squandered by New Zealand on intelligence agencies that produce no discernible benefits for this country, says the Anti-Bases Campaign (ABC).

The latest Western spy revelation that a Canadian Navy intelligence officer has been spilling top secret material to Russia illustrates yet again the futility of New Zealand’s spy operations.

Concerns expressed that this country’s interests could be compromised are predicated on the ridiculous assumption that this country has something to hide from Moscow.

The only reason for any interest in NZ operations is our entanglement with Washington through the Waihopai spy base (see ABC’s Website, address below, for details about Waihopai).

At least $60 million a year is wasted on the NZ Government Communications Security Bureau and its games with the big boys. 

Not only have a series of spies (of whom Sub-Lieutenant Delisle is only the latest) totally discredited the Western system, the major agencies continually fail in their basic responsibilities (for example, the complete failure to predict the 9/11 attacks or, more recently, the Arab Spring).

Additionally, the Western agencies are increasingly into illegal spying, domestic surveillance and murderous covert action.

In this country, security problems have been much better handled by the Police.

Our expensive commitment to Western spy operations needs to be properly investigated, and not glossed over by ‘’no comment’ from the Prime Minister and the failed system of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security.


Murray Horton


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Anti-Bases Campaign

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