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We Don't Cross Borders; Borders Cross Us


We don’t cross borders; borders cross us' is a 12-poster series organised by the Sydney Cross Border Collective. The objective of the posters is to invite an engaged audience to consider a series of propositions about the Australian border, labour, race and incarceration. The poster series aims to show that the Australian border is not a natural or inevitable thing. They explore the fact that the border is artificial, confront common assumptions about border-crossers, and consider how the border manages peoples’ movements to benefit industry and the state. Many individuals and groups have collaborated in the development of these posters – they are drawn from networks active through art, politics and advocacy in resistance to the effects of the border on people’s lives. 
All proceeds from poster sales at the Melbourne launch will go to IMARA Advocacy, a youth-led organisation advocating for the rights of young people of colour in Melbourne. In 2012, IMARA are focusing primarily on the issue of racial and religious profiling and discrimination.  
The launch event will include talks from contributing artists, the opportunity to purchase a poster series pack ($15 / $20 solidarity), snacks and refreshments, and of course an exhibition of these beautiful works. 

Cross-Border Poster Series Launch - Melbourne
6-8pm Thursday August 2nd  
Arena Project Space, 2 Kerr St, Fitzroy
Speakers include:
Robbie Thorpe
Daniel Haile-Michael
See the posters online here:
Check out IMARA Advocacy:
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This event takes place on Wurundjeri land; sovereignty was never ceded.