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Clowns chase student activists


Clowns in business suits chased students outside the University of Auckland Vice Chancellor’s office today.

The University of Auckland “Corporate Clowns” tried to “kettle” (corner) the students who were dressed to represent 43 Blockade the Budget activists arrested at an education cuts protest last month.

Video and photos of last month’s march show police agreeing to the protest just before kettling and arresting peaceful protesters. Several officers can clearly be seen punching students.

English Masters student Chant Baxter-West said the university’s public statements on the arrests and police actions were “pathetic”.

“Vice Chancellor Stuart McCutcheon is reponsible for safety on campus and we want an appropriate response to the police’s behavior,” she said. “We’ve already sent him a letter about the incident and his reply was full of innacuracies. He even blamed us for the police violence.”

A campus security guard stopped the students from using a gate to deliver a new letter to Mr McCutcheon, so they climbed over the fence and left it at the door after no-one responded to their knocks and chants.

Only four of the arrested students were charged. They will return to court later this month to challenge allegations of obstruction.



Scared of clowns

Ewwwwwwwwwwww, Mummymumymumymumymumymumymumymumy! Nasty corporate clowns!