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New Zealand judicial appointments satarised


The inbred nature of New Zealand judicial appointments has been satirized into cult vernacular on the website Uncylopedia. The term "Gendall" - the surname of NZ brother jurists Warrick and David - is definedon the site as "organisms infecting the humanoid sub species of Judex Corruptus".

Uncyclopedia was launched as a parody of Wikipedia in 2005. In contrast to Wikipedia, Uncyclopedia puts no value on accuracy but, rather, an overwhelming emphasis on humour. Entries deemed not funny enough are removed by editorial staff.

In addition to parlaying on the incestuous nature of NZ judicial appointments and an affinity for sheep, the 'Gendall' entry has numerous photos, including the photo of Warrick Gendall sleeping on the bench. A note on the bottom states the page is seeking suggestions for a cure and will be evaluated by editorial staff on 21 July.